This was one of 2 free cigars sent out by Ventura Cigar Co. through They gave away 2500 pairs of their new cigars with the request of rating them. After about 5 weeks of rest in my humi @ 63-65% I finally lit up the Estilo Cubano last night (I still have the Pura Sangre)

From the Company
Frontmark: Toraso
Size: 5.75" x 54
Wrapper: Viso Habano (Nicaragua)
Filler Blend: Seco Habano Jamastran (Honduras)
Ligero Habano (Esteli and Costa Rica)
Taste/Flavor: Full-bodied with cocoa and spicy flavors

Appearance: This cigar is dark! I don't know why it's not an oscuro because it is black. Very smooth with virtually no veins. No sheen or tooth whatsoever. a few spots where the wrapper was torn/missing, but nothing big

Smoke: It burned absolutely perfect all the way down. The ash held on for a good 1&1/4" before putting it down in the tray, each time.

Taste: Not overly complex (to me) but very flavorful. Right off the bat I was met with a nice peaty finish on the retrohale that lasted through the first half. The second half, the peat turned into a spice on the finish. I would say black pepper, but it was not overpowering. I'm not a huge fan of spicy cigars but this was good and balanced. There was a very nice chocolatey/cocoa taste throughout the whole smoke. I say chocolatey/cocoa because sometimes it was sweet while other times it was not. Very pleasant and right in my flavor profile . Once down into the nub, the pepper left and I was greeted, once again, with the peat.

Body:They say it's full bodied, but I would completely disagree. To me it was more of a medium body moving into the medium/full category after the first half. Usually, to me, full bodied cigars get me on the retrohale, burning my nose. This one did not, at all. It was very smooth

Overall:I really enjoyed this cigar and would definitely buy and recommend it to maduro lovers. I really don't know the price (sorry haven't checked yet) as this was given to me but if it's right around 5 bucks then It's worth every penny.

I would give this a solid 90 rating but that doesn't say much coming from me Apparently it was rated 94 by smoke magazine (Mar '12 issue) but I would not go that high.