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Factory 59 Throwout

This is a discussion on Factory 59 Throwout within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Seriously. I smoked one of these puppies. And i shudder to think, with my developmentally challenged palate, it wasn't that ...

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    Factory 59 Throwout

    Seriously. I smoked one of these puppies. And i shudder to think, with my developmentally challenged palate, it wasn't that bad.
    When I first got into cigars in 2010, I bought a bundle of these to take up space in the ol' ammocannidor. While rummaging through it last week I decided what the hell, fire one up, actually pushing aside the Hoyo Monterey, Cohiba, and a few others that were begging for their turn. I could literally hear them screaming at me. "You'll be sorry!!!," pleaded the GOF. "What does he know?", I thought as I slammed the lid shut, and cursed my overactive imagination and recent pitcher of margaritas. Seriously, If these things all start yelling at me, I'm in trouble. I took this baby out of the cellophane, expecting the worst (and I've smoked grapevines and GPC's, so I know a bad smoke!!)
    I paired it with a cup of coffee fresh out of the machine. The construction of it felt ok, the cut was neat. The draw was a little tight, but not unbearable. Think milkshake through a straw level.
    The flavor was tobacco. Not anything strong, but remember this thing had been sitting for almost two years, so it may have mellowed. At this point I must give my standard disclaimer, years of TexMex have ruined my taste. "Faint grassy nutty overtone with a touch of sandlewood" means nothing to someone who has made a chili cook-off judge cry in pain. There may have been some tastes, all I got was tobacco.
    And now, for the amazing part.
    The burn. I lit it with a Xiker torch. No relights whatsoever. The burn kept straight and true with no tunneling or touchups. The ash held together for over an inch at a time. I've had ten dollar cigars behave worse than this. I smoked it down to the last third. The draw remained the same. It was getting late, so I pitched it. No change in the flavor, even though the wrapper was starting to heat up.
    Overall, for the price, 25$ for 20, this was amazing. I usually smoke cigars as a special thing, so I'm not in need of a daily smoke. I can't speak for them ROTT, but with two years of rest, it could easily be a good throwaway cigar for yard work or the like.
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    Re: Factory 59 Throwout

    Nice review!

    It's nice now and again to pull out a cigar that we once enjoyed but just doesn't fit our flavor profiles any longer. I do this and sometimes wonder "Why did I stop smoking these?"


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