I went looking for a big ring stick to try out at my local B&M. They had all 4 World Selection choices in the Toro Grande (6x62!) so I sorted through until I decided to try the Honduran. The wrapper was a bit darker than the other choices was what finally decided me on it.

Pre light the stick pulled easily and promised much flavor.

The cigar was a complete joy. Once lit, I got rich tobacco flavor with no non tobacco flavoring. The smoke was full and flavorful and the stick burned mostly evenly with a little tabbing on the wrapper as I smoked it. It is a very nice medium bodied smoke that did not overpower and was very satisfying. The flavor, as earlier stated, was all tobacco though very enjoyably so. (I stink at flavor descriptions still so please bear with me.) The best way I can describe it is a touch earthy with the rich tobacco flavor coming through cleanly.

I would suggest these highly as a price effective (4.29 at my local shop) and enjoyable stick for the large ring inclined among us.