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Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

This is a discussion on Outlaw WTF Newbie Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; When I mentioned that I had purchased a few of the Outlaw house blends there was some interest by other ...

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    Maturing Puffer Fish naajsmith's Avatar


    Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    When I mentioned that I had purchased a few of the Outlaw house blends there was some interest by other BOTL about these sticks so I thought I would give my first attempt at a review on the WTF. I definitely do not consider my palate to be developed yet so YMV.

    I do not have pic privileges yet so...

    Outlaw WTF 6x52
    This stick had only been resting in 65rh humidor (Heartfelt Beads) since mid June.

    Good looking wrapper with light veins and a rich tobacco, and possibly a slight barnyard aroma. Very Pleasant
    The cigar cut nice with a cheap guillotine cutter and was toasted and lit with a Ronson butane lighter.

    While toasting there was immediately a nice rich tobacco aroma. (My wife doesn't care much for cigar smoke but said "That smells really good!"

    The first puff revealed a spicy and woodsie flavor, but was dominated by the spice. I am not a big fan of really spicy cigars but this was not an overpowering spice.
    It quickly turned to a nice creamy and smooth flavor with still quite a bit of woodsie and rich tobacco flavors and left my lips and tongue a bit oily.

    The 1/3 the spice became only noticeable during retrohale and gave way to the smooth tobacco flavor with a woodiness and very subtle nuttiness.
    I thought the cigar produced a decent amount of smoke even when left for a minute or more.
    The ash was a flakey dark gray and hung on for approx. 2inches. I would have considered the first 1/3 more of a mild-medium body/strength.

    2/3 Continued quite a bit the same with the spice appearing occasionally through retrohale but was just the right amount to keep it interesting.
    The main addition at this stage was a bit more of a leathery taste but it remained very smooth, if not creamy. At this point I would consider this more of a medium smoke. The burn remained good but was not razor sharp, no touch-ups were required.

    The last third began to give way to a more burnt ash flavor and began to heat up a bit until I let it go with about 1 1/2in left. At this point it was not giving off much smoke and I was struggling to keep it going which probably contributed to the change in flavors and strength. I am a bit of a light-weight at this point so I began to get a bit of a nic buzz here as well.

    I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely pick some more up and let them rest in my humidor a bit longer, but I am a fan of the rich tobacco flavors and the nuts, leather and woodsie flavors that made appearances throughout. This is only a medium cigar at the most so if you are looking for full bodied this is probably not going to be your thing but if you enjoy a smooth smoke with a decent amount of flavor and have access to Outlaw cigars I would give it a try. This turned out to be one of my favorites of my very limited experiences.

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    King of All Puffer Fish KcJason1's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    I dub these cigars "the Kendall"...
    If you have to ask, It's probably fake!

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    Maturing Puffer Fish naajsmith's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    From info on the Outlaw site it didn't lead me to believe he was completely satisfied with the final blend.

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    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Great first review. Well done, Nathan.

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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Good noob review of a cigar I am not familiar with.
    I don't always drink beer,,,
    OK, yes I do

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    Chicken of the Sea Bondo 440's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Excellent review Nathan. I had not heard of these either. After your review, I wanted one ! So I Googled looking for an image .. when I came across this .... Here's the story behind the name WTF?
    ( No hijack intended, Source: Outlaw Site / secondary )

    This blend was created together with Arsenio Ramos, master blender for Casa Fernandez. He and I were having trouble with the language barrier while blending the Outlaws Forajido cigar. After numerous blends we stopped and decided to rest on the project. Before returning to the U.S., Arsenio made me a few samples of our best blend to take home. After the cigars dried out, I smoked them and communicated the changes I wanted to make to the cigar. After two months, 500 cigars arrived with the supposed changes I requested. I lit the first cigar and said WTF!! I was very disappointed that it was the same blend I had previously smoked before the requested changes. I talked to Paul Palmer of Casa Fernandez to try to understand why I got the same blend. He was insistent that this is what Arsenio understood! I was striving for the Behike cigar that got rated #1 in cigar aficionado. I, however, never used the name Behike in speaking with Arsenio. Through the translation problems this cigar was created. I put the 500 cigars out for sale to get rid of them and they sold in two days! The customers of the Outlaw demanded I keep this cigar as a blend. They loved it.
    Last edited by Bondo 440; 08-11-2012 at 10:07 PM.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish naajsmith's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Thanks to you guys for the kind words about the review.

    No problem Mikael. I didn't know if I should copy from their website, thought people might think I was trying to promote the Outlaw.

    After smoking the WTF I am looking forward to the Gunslinger and the two Bad to the Bone cigars (a Connecticut and Corojo wrapper) that are resting in the humi.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Nice review.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Lrbergin's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    Appreciate the review Nathan and well done. I keep telling myself I need to pick up a couple of the house blends every time I’m in there but haven’t yet. Next time I’m in there I’m going to pick up a gunslinger and give it a whirl.

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    Bearded Creeper Tombstone's Avatar


    Re: Outlaw WTF Newbie Review

    I have a WTF resting, after reading this I am looking forward to trying it.


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