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Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

This is a discussion on Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews. within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Men and women's flavor palets differ a bit. I read an article about how more women than men are "supertasters" ...

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    Maturing Puffer Fish gogirlanime's Avatar


    Talking Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Men and women's flavor palets differ a bit. I read an article about how more women than men are "supertasters" which means they have more taste buds than the average population. It is also still under debate as to whether women can taste things in more detail than men. Anyway, I thought since we've got a good chunk of ladies floating around here that I'd start a thread for women and their reviews of cigars here. Not to say that as men and women our taste buds differ so much, but to see if there are trends on what women like more in cigars than men so we can better recommend cigars and bomb people with them. Kind of like how we stereotype women with chocolate and how they love it so much. Feel free to let us know gentlemen what you girlfriends, wives, sisters, girl-friends, etc like in cigars.

    what I've smoked as of August 15th 2012

    Acid Opulence 3 7/10 ★★★★
    Leathery, dark, clove, dirty. This was a intense smoke, really rich and dark and heavy on tobacco flavor. I can see myself smoking these although not very often. The burn was a little difficult. (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

    A Fuente Gran Reserva 5/10 ★★★
    very leathery, with touches of coffee, dark. This was a bit too "mature" for me the flavor of leather was very powerful and off-putting. I think this is a cigar I may enjoy as I become more experienced but for the time being this is not for me. (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

    Ave Maria 7/10 ★★★★
    creamy nutty hazelnut. This was a nice smoke, smooth and nutty a nice complex flavor, it left me feeling like there could have been a bit more to it, but I enjoyed it and will be having more in the future (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

    CAO black 9/10 ★★★★★
    Super sweet honey, then cedar and woods, pepper and leather at end. I really enjoyed this cigar it starts out super sweet and tastes like honey and then moves into a very woodsy smell through my nose and ended with a light pepper and leather while keeping the cedar. Really complex and not over powering. The burn and draw were perfect I did not have to touch-up or re-light this cigar. I will be buying some bundles of these in the future

    Cohiba 6/10 ★★★
    Peppery, flavorful, tobacco, rich, leathery, sweet. The flavor of this cigar is really great, very complex there is a rich flavor of tobacco and just the right amount of pepper while also being sweet and with a touch of leather. The only problem is that these are so expensive. Also, the draw and burn is terrible with these cigars. I feel like they need to be packed tighter to make them thinner or add more tobacco because when you look at the inside the leaves are very loose and I think this is what causes these problems. I only smoked 1/3 of this cigar. If I can trade for one of these or get them really cheap I will get some, otherwise, I won't bother at these prices.

    Drew Estate Dirt 6/10 ★★★
    Chocolate, very sweet. The flavor was nice and the burn was even but it was just too sweet, the sugar coating was a bit too much on this cigar. I liked the flavor it was like sweet dark chocolate and complex I might have one of these in the future but it didn't leave a lasting impression. (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

    Drew Estate Jucy Lucy 7.5/10 ★★★★
    Smooth, sweet, caramel. I enjoyed this cigar more than Dirt it was smooth and had an under flavor of caramel which was blank obvious. The burn and draw were nice and the length it took to smoke was perfect for me, just under and hour. I will be getting these in the future (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

    Garo Double Habano 7/10 ★★★★
    chocolate, gamey, rich, full. This cigar had a distinct flavor to it, it was almost gamey almost meaty to me, very hearty, full, and rich like eating a Thanksgiving dinner. There was a flavor of chocolate hidden in there between draws. Over all it was nice, it's not going to be a "gotta have it" but I'm sure I will pick some up in the future

    Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 4/10 ★★
    herbal, milky. The flavor of this cigar in general is nice but there just wasn't enough to this cigar it was plain and something was just missing. I don't think I will purchase some in the near future, it just didn't ring a bell with me

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R 9/10 ★★★★★
    Chocolate cake, spicy, floral, musk. This was a really enjoyable cigar I really loved it! Smoking this reminded me of eating chocolate cake and then there were all kinds of spices and floral tones that I tasted it was very complex I couldn't even list them all even if I tried. There was an undertone of musk and then when passed though the nose I could smell lilac and cinnamon then there was pepper and grass tastes and smells, very unique. The burn and draw were just fine. I will be buying bundles/boxes of these when they go on sale!

    Macanudo Cafe 3/10 ★★
    Extremely peppery and leathery and nutty and sour. I did not enjoy this cigar at all, there was so much pepper it was so overpowering. Then there was a heavy sour taste paired up with the only flavor that didn't make me sick, a nutty undertone. I will not be smoking these again.

    Macanudo Jamaica Vintage 1988 7/10 ★★★★
    Sour, leathery, light pepper, spicy. This cigar was medium to me not too heavy and not too light with a nice pairing of flavors. Leather and spice makes everything nice and then with just a touch of sour it was O.K. to have some sour. The burn and draw on this cigar was really nice every puff offered a lot. It's not going to be a "go-to" but I will be getting some of these sometime in the future

    Padilla 1948 Edicion Limitada 9.5/10 ★★★★★
    cedar, earthy, herbal, lightly sweet of honey, spicy. I absolutely loved this cigar! Much like La Gloria Cubana Serie R this cigar had a large complexity of flavors. It was light and crisp not overpowering at all but also not too light. For me, I love herbal and grass-like flavors like green tea so to me this cigar was perfect. There was a lot of cedar and earth, several spices and a touch of honey this cigar was like spending time in the great outdoors. The burn and draw were excellent. Cigars International had/has bundles of 20 of these for $30 so I picked up 40 (and if they stay on sale by my next paycheck I will get one more bundle), I can't wait to take one out after 3 months and 6 months in my humidor

    Punch 9/10 ★★★★★
    Excellent burn and flavor. An awesome cigar, I got the "Punch" out of it, a nice nico-kick. I couldn't quite put my finger on many specific flavors with this cigar, only that over all I enjoyed the flavor, it was smooth, rich, and just nice in general. The draw and burn were excellent the best I've had. I will be buying bundles/boxes of these in the future.

    Tabak Especial Dulce 9.5/10 ★★★★★
    Vanilla, sweet, smooth, milky, light chocolate. I was very happy with this cigar, it was so smooth and sweet (without being too sweet like Acid Dirt was to me) there were strong notes of vanilla then milk and a bit of chocolate there were also hints of spice as well. This was like having dessert and I felt no need to have something sweet like I usually do at night. The burn was a little uneven but compared to the draw and taste it was no problem. I will be getting boxes of these in the near future this is going to be one of my "go-to" smokes (and a special thanks to Jim "Penguinshockey" for bombing me with this)

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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Whoa, quite a load of reviews there. Gotta hit you with some RG for taking the time and effort. Jim's a a good dude; he sent me some great sticks in a trade.
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

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    Who's your granny?


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Very interesting reviews, thank you!

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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    very interesting reviews. I believe we have purchased the same the same sampler from CI based on some of the cigars you smoked. I share you opinion on the Macanudo. I actually could not finish it. I enjoyed the Garo and actually wrote a review for it. After reading some threads here I learned about "sick cigars" and decided to smell the ones that came with my sampler. A few had a horrible ammonia smell (especially the Torano) so I will let them rest a while longer. I wonder if there is something wrong with the Macanudo's we had. I also did not like the Padilla at all. Guess it needed a lot more rest.

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    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Wow Allise, you've been busy. Excellent job. I just really like your flavor descriptions.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader David_ESM's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Good collection of reviews. Thanks for sharing.
    Sir Reverend David_ESM Esquire, Bomb Squid Extraordinaire, the all knowledgeable one, Grand Poobah, Korean Pop Hipster, Butt Dryer, Douchebag... M.D.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish Tman's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Wow! You've been very busy reviewing different smokes. Nice reviews! I like LGC too. One that really caught my attention was the Artesanos de Miami. They say it's a strong cigar, but I think it was medium cigar at best. Nevertheless, it's a great blend!

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    Maturing Puffer Fish gogirlanime's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Thank you all and wow thank you for the RG!! I've got another 15 new cigars to try I'll post some more reviews soon. Don't be afraid ladies, contribute!

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Great reviews Allise. You seem to have some similar tastes to me. Now you have me all crazy to try the la gloria cubana serie R, as that description sounds bang on to what I like in a cigar. I love rich deep complex cigars that are smooth and chocolatey.
    Thanks for your input. I hope to give a run down on some of my faves.

    Those tabak especial Dulce's do go down nice in the morning with a coffee. Ooh lala!

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Thanks for the reviews! I too enjoyed the Punch, CAO Black, Padilla 1948 (I Wish I got a bundle before they sold out), and the LGC Serie R (try La Perla Habana Black Pearl for a comparable experience.) I'm surprised you and other puffer's listed pepper and nutty under the Macanudo Cafe; to me it was the Budweiser (near tasteless) of cigars.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish naajsmith's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Nice info in there. Thanks for taking the time to post it!

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    OK. I have a couple of ladies choice reviews to add, although I'm far less organized and much more long winded than Allise. I wish I'd started this before, as I would have loved to have written down my experiences with other cigars. It's a great idea, even for my own poor memory.

    Tatiana Mocha Stobona

    One word when I pick this up: squishy.  I hold it to my ear, could this thing be too wet?  No, still the usual faint crackle you expect from a decently humidified cigar, and I keep my infused box around 65-67 RH, so, I just have here a very squishy stick.

    This is my coffee smoke this morning, and I imagine given my love for a coffee mocha cigar first thing (faves are tabak especial dulce) it'll go down just fine.  I decide to use the cheap v punch I got from cbid to see if I like the cut (I'd like it better if the cutter weren't so crappy!).   The surprising thing was, though I've been using this god-awful v-cutter for the last couple of days on everything with varying success on the cuts, but definitely enjoying the experiment and  open draw (good one if you know you've got some overly tight numbers you want to smoke), this is the first time I had a bunch of short filler tumble out on me after the cut.  Hmm.  Or lots of crumbs or whatever.  Oh s****!  During that little rant my scant inch of loose ash fell gracefully into my delicious cup of coffee.  Maybe it's not such a great idea to write and smoke?

    Anyway, barely ten mins in it feels like, and I'm nearly halfway through.  This has a super easy draw.  The lightest I've felt.  Given the spongy feel, and the indication it was barely packed, perhaps this is one I'd try a punch on, when I get my cheap crappy one of those from cbid this week.

    Flavor has stayed the same.  Dark rich coffee, bit of sweetness to the lips, and a touch of chocolatey goodness thrown in for good measure.  It is definitely darker than the milky chocolatey goodness of an especial dulce.  This is much more straight up dark coffee and chocolate, and less sweet to boot, which may suit some.

    Down to my last third, and most sweetness has faded, and dark expresso notes have kicked up a notch, with surprisingly little bitterness along for the ride.  If my husband had brewed the pot, I'd have congratulated him on a fine roast and perfect coffee ratio.  I've got to say, even though the construction on my beloved tabak especials seem to exceed these (however this is my first, and came from one of those brown bag jobs that seem to harbor low quality reject sticks) even those can get a little bitter at the last third - or is that me sucking the life out of the poor things?

    Either way, I was prepared for a bit of a let down, given my liking for the aforementioned coffee mocha cigars, instead I find myself quite satisfied and happy with quite a tasty morning experience with the Tatiana.  The better build will send me towards the tabaks every time I can get a decent deal, but I've got no problem with changing it up with these on the odd occasion if I'm feeling cheap.  Closer to a negra than a dulce, but really somewhere in between, you'll probably get a lightly packed cigar (not sure if this is all long filler or any at all my guess is a good bit of short in there, but I'm no expert), with flaky ash, but a good bit of flavor nonetheless.  It's a good medium strength cigar.

    One last thing.  As I near the nub, I'm getting some dark bitter chocolate and burnt coffee notes.  Not unpleasant, but the bitterness I expected on the last third is popping up here instead.  Quite delicious toasty flavors too.  Nothing that is my pursing my mouth.   I've gotten a fresh cup of coffee btw, for those easily disgusted.  It has stayed cool, the wrapper is pliable and strong, what else can a newbie say.  Probably nothing.  I'm smoking this one right down, further than a tabak, if that counts for anything.   This did turn into a bit of a comparison review.  Perhaps next time I'm having a tabak dulce, I'll write how that goes down if anyone is interested.  I do know there's not many infused lovers, but IMHO, it's worth trying a coffee stick at least once.  They are nowhere near as much of a diversion as the other types of infusions.  

    I'm down to half an inch, and it's still cool enough to smoke, and pleasant tasting.  That's something!  All in all, not bad if you get these for a steal, and your not averse to a little coffee with your coffee.  Funny thing is, I have my coffee straight, no sweetener, but I love the hint of sweetness on these infused cigars.  It really brings out the chocolate.  7/10

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Not sure how to add pictures yet, as I'm on an iPad, and it doesn't seem to want to work. So maybe down the track when I work that out, I can do that too.

    Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Juniors

    The first thing that blew me away when lighting up this short panatela was the copious amounts of creamy smoke that immediately billowed from the tiny thing.  The draw is very open from the get go, but the pay off is so good it's not as bothersome (although I prefer a little resistance personally).  Maybe try a punch next time?

    The flavours start bombarding your mouth immediately, and build into the second third.  It's a super smooth luxurious smoke that coats your mouth in deluxe cream, but doesn't let you down on the flavor.  For me if I had to compare it to any spice, it would be nutmeg, but really it's just lovely clean creamy quality tobacco flavors here.  Not the rich dirt kind some of us know and love, but a lighter version.  The earth is there, but as a background to the creamy clean tobacco richness. 

    I haven't read any others impressions of RPs 92 blend in any size, so this may be way off track from others' experiences.  I've got a newbie palate here.

    But this is one lovely quick cigar that I believe most people would enjoy.  For some reason I had to relight twice, which almost never happens to me (all the typing?).  

    Into the last third the spice has kicked up - same delicious flavors as before, intensified a little with some pepper thrown in.  For a small cigar, it stays nice and cool, which is a big plus.

    For a 30-40 minute smoke at a reasonable price point considering the quality, I consider it a good tin to keep in the humi to whip out when going out to dinner, or to smoke any time you want that big cigar taste in a shorter space of time.  Bugger.  Went out again with that little soliloquy.  Third time!  My humi has been sitting pretty at 67Rh for the two-three months I've had this in there.  It must be all my talking, or these need a puff a little more regularly than most.

    Well, down to the last inch, and still tasting great.  I can't deny a few burn issues, with this one, but even after smoking it right down, I'm left with a delicious coating of flavor in my mouth that I just don't want to wash away. 9/10

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    Maturing Puffer Fish gogirlanime's Avatar


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Nice reviews!! I had a Rockey Patel Vintage 1992 (can't remember the size) and I picked up notes of fruit like cherries and even green peppers. I don't share your love for it as much as you did but I also liked it, it was kind of like a salad to me haha. Maybe mine had gone bad on me because we describe completely different flavors. The Tatiana Mocha sounds great I'll have to pick one up on my weekly trip

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes


    Re: Ladies Choice - Cigar reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by gogirlanime View Post
    Nice reviews!! I had a Rockey Patel Vintage 1992 (can't remember the size) and I picked up notes of fruit like cherries and even green peppers. I don't share your love for it as much as you did but I also liked it, it was kind of like a salad to me haha. Maybe mine had gone bad on me because we describe completely different flavors. The Tatiana Mocha sounds great I'll have to pick one up on my weekly trip
    Maybe you've been smoking longer and have a more developed palate? There's definitely no accounting for different taste though.

    I'd definitely stick with the Dulce's and only buy the Tatiana's if you see a super deal... Mind you ones always worth a try, right?

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