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Vueltabajo robusto from the bottom,,,

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    Vueltabajo robusto from the bottom,,,

    of one of my tupperdors. Since the RH is hovering around 80% with a very good chance of rain, I needed a cigar that I would not have to fret over if it did rain while my dog walked me.

    The cigar has been in storage for who knows how long. Probably came in a discount sampler. I am sure it is the newest version since it has the fancy large V on the band. The tupperdor hygrometer was showing 71 and 62%. It is a solid cigar, not a soft spot to be found. There were really no veins and the wrapper, though lighter than I usually smoke had a woody smell that appealed to me. Once cut, the draw was better than I thought it would be since it was packed so hard.

    Once lit, the burn was razor sharp but the smoke was a little thin and bland. A little on the mild side of medium strength. For flavors, I got a wood, maybe oak type flavor some very light cream and a hint, in and out of cedar. Pretty much all it had, but guessing it is a two buck cigar, it makes a great dog walker. Lasted well over four miles of everything from park like strolling to dodging traffic. Tasted more like a Dominican than my usual inexpensive Nicaraguans.

    There may even be some confusion as to who actually makes this cigar, some say the Torano Family puts this label out, but if they do, it is not up to what I am use to.
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    Alpha Puffer Fish chris1360's Avatar


    Re: Vueltabajo robusto from the bottom,,,

    Thanks for the review Fuzzy. Always like reading your dog walker reviews!

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    Re: Vueltabajo robusto from the bottom,,,

    It is always nice to see reviews of cheaper cigars. Good review!


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