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Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

This is a discussion on Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c" within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Time for the fun to begin... the detials are in this thread Blind Taste Test (Needs Volunteers) Please remember to ...

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    Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Time for the fun to begin... the detials are in this thread

    Blind Taste Test (Needs Volunteers)

    Please remember to keep the reviews in this format....

    Pre Light - This can include appearence, construction, smell, or anything else thas has to do with your general pre light inpsection.

    1st Third- Flavours and general thoughts of the first third

    2nd Third- Flavours and general thoughts of the second third

    Final Third- Flavours and general thoughts of the final third

    Overall - Put in your overall thoughts. Along with this I would like for you to include what you think the cigar is worth.

    Discussion is encouraged, and as always have fun.
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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    "Teedle's Mystery Stick C" Blind Review

    First, let me apologize for how few photos there are. It was dark and hard to get a good shot. And I was herfing with Brad (skfr51, and he kept distracting me! So really, he's at fault. 

    Cigar: Mystery Stick "B"
    Size: 6x60 oval

    Obtained from: blind review stick from TW
    Time in humi: Two weeks
    Age: Unknown

    Firm throughout, no major soft spots. Wrapper is smooth, and is light brown in color, like a leather chair from the 60's. It's a funny shape, 6x60 as near as I can tell, but oval in shape, not round. The only other cigar I've ever seen shaped like it is the San Lotino Oval, though I think it's too light to be one of those. Unfortunately, there's a large crack near the head of the cigar, due to a postal worker punting the box it was shipped in. 

    First third: 
    Very mild from the start. Wood and vanilla, and perhaps a dry caramel are all I can distinguish. Draw is a little on the loose side, but well within comfort level. Smoke volume is light, but again within a comfortable level. A light, white pepper emerges, which is pleasant enough. About an inch in, the white pepper picks up a touch, and leather comes out. Ash is solid at an inch and a half. The retrohale gives primarily a light leather. 

    A dry wood continues to be the primary flavor at the two inch mark, and the ash finally falls. So far, it's pleasant and mild. I tend towards fuller-bodied sticks, and this isn't one of them, but I am enjoying it for what it is. Fans of mild, woody cigars will enjoy this. Smoke output is on the light side, but pleasant enough. Burn is great, though I'm already getting bits of tobacco in my mouth due to the crack at the head. 

    Second third: 
    As the wood and leather develop, a sweet cream begins to appear, which is quite nice. Goes really well with the vanilla flavors in the root beer I'm drinking.  Leather,  and almonds now, on the retrohale help round out the flavors nicely. At about the halfway mark, wood gently dominates again, with hazelnut, a nice light white pepper, airy, but rich, leather, and sweet cream as well. Interestingly, the smoke volume has really amped up, which was unexpected, but welcome. Burn remains sharp, draw easy, and smoke output satisfactory. The crack continues to be problematic, with flakes of tobacco coming off the side, or getting on my tongue. Aside from that issue, things are going well. 

    Final third: 
    Sweet cream has become a bigger player here, as has the white pepper, with wood and a very light, but rich leather in the background for balance. Flavor has gone from mild to medium to my surprise. Leather, wood, and nuttiness on the retrohale. Burn is razor sharp until it meets the cracks. The closer I get to the nub, the bolder it gets, so I smoke it down to about the one-inch mark, when the burn line meets the cracking, and the entire cigar (or rather, whats left of it) basically falls apart. 

    This cigar was much, much better at its end than at its beginning. Initially it was weak, watery, and far too mild. By the end, it was medium bodied and flavors shone brighter. Personally, I wouldn't choose this cigar, as the size is far too large for my comfort, and I prefer bolder, darker smokes. That being said, I'd think this one sells for $5-7 in a B&MS, maybe $3-4 online. If I were into the flavor profile, I wouldn't be disappointed to have paid $6 for it, though I'd say it was worth about $4. This will appeal to fans of Brickhouse for sure.
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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Once again, thank you TW for providing the smokes! This has been fun.
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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Mystery Cigar C

    Size: 6x60 or 62 (Oval)
    Wrapper: Habano?
    Paired With: Rogue Chocolate Stout ( Rogue Chocolate Stout - Review )

    Pre-light: This is a rather massive oval press cigar, but the construction is fantastic. The seems are very neat. The roll is firm and uniform from head to foot. There are a couple veins, but they aren't big enough or ugly enough to detract points. The cap is well cut and applied. The foot is well packed. The wrapper is very smooth and leathery with a uniform light brown color and a light oily sheen. There is one small patch about 2" up from the foot, but nothing major. The wrapper smells of slightly sweet natural tobacco with a hint of leather. The foot has the same aromas plus a little woodiness. The cigar cut very easily to reveal a light draw with natural tobacco, earth and just a touch of wood.

    1/3: It takes a pretty good torching to get this behemoth going, but when I do, there is no harshness. I'm greeted by straight forward, smooth, slightly sweet natural tobacco. There's a tiny little hint of cedar and pepper on the retrohale, but not much. As the first third progresses the sweetness picks up a little and the spice becomes less peppery, but still provides a little tingle on the retrohale. The burn isn't perfect, but it is far from bad! The ash dropped at just a hair over an inch revealing a perfect cone. Just before the beginning of the second third a faint hint of cocoa comes in. At this point the body is medium.

    2/3: The beginning of the second third brings in a touch more sweetness, but other than that the flavors are basically the same, for now. Farther in the sweetness picks up even more, changing the spice in the retrohale to a nice sweet baking spice. Some oak also joins in now, lingering on the sides of my tongue during the finish. Just before the halfway point the leather comes back and brings with it some earth, a touche of coffee, and a little bit of young cigar flavor (minus the harshness). It's almost like I'm smoking a different cigar at this point. The spice has shifted back to pepper and the sweetness has faded quite a bit. The burn gets a little crazy, but hasn't required a touchup. Body is still medium. Ash falls at about 1 1/2" this time. Just past the halfway point the woodiness comes back and a darker sweet flavor comes in. Then just before the final third the woodiness takes over as the dominate flavor, with hints of leather. The sweet flavor is still there in the background.

    3/3: Kicking off this third the hint of chocolate comes back then fades out again leaving leather, earth, and sweetened coffee, with just a slight touch of the young cigar flavor. Halfway through the final third the cap splits and part of it falls away, but the wrapper holds. With about an inch left a hint of roasted nuts comes in, but the young flavor is picking up a little. Not so much as to be harsh, just enough to be slightly annoying. The body is still at medium and the burn is still wavy but acceptable.

    Total Burn Time: This cigar was loaded with tobacco and burned slowly. I let it go at 2 hours and 5 minutes with just under an inch left.

    Overall: This is a good cigar. I enjoyed it and would smoke it again at the right price. The oval press makes me think that this is a San Lotano. If so I can understand why they have gotten a lot of attention. HOWEVER I don't think it justifies all the attention it has gotten. It is definitely good, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it great and I wouldn't pay the full suggested retail price of $10+ online. When you consider that a $10 online price translates to around $14 at my local B&M I'd be even less likely to purchase. For me this was more of a $6 cigar (online) $10 (locally). Granted this is all speculation on my part based on the fact that I'm not familiar with any other oval pressed cigars, but based on my speculation I'd be happier with the $4 Gurkha Triple Ligero (Cigar B) and as happy with a $2 Don Kiki Red (Cigar A).

    Thanks again TW! I'm curious to find out if my speculation is correct.
    Hangin' out with Friends

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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Gentlemen out third reviewer isn't gonna be able to complete the reviews for a few days. He had an issue with work come up, so he is gonna review them later.

    Guess that means I can go ahead and reveal this one. Gentlemen you just smoked a Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Grande Robusto. I like the flavors of the cigar but the size I am not a fan of. These are readily available at about $2.60 per stick. And many times can be found on the Monster in the $2.00 range.

    Famous Nicaraguan Selection 3000 Cigars | Famous Smoke Shop

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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Very interesting! I guess I should know better than to assume at this point... I didn't realize any of the Famous Selections were oval pressed. Did you do that just to throw us off? The $2.60 price tag certainly bumps the value rating up! Thanks again T.W.! Keep the surpises coming!
    Hangin' out with Friends

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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    How interesting! Do the other sizes share the flavor profile? And are they all oval pressed?
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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    Derek, I know the robusto is. I havent smoked any other sizes. The pictures on famous sit sure look that way though.

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    Re: Teedles915 Mystery Cigar Review "c"

    This has been an interesting series so far. Nice reviews guys, looking forward to reading the next set!
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