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Kristoff Maduro Review

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    WAMBAM's Quiet Killer joshuarodger's Avatar


    Kristoff Maduro Review

    Well, I've been away from the forum for a while because I took the plunge and got married. While on honeymoon I wandered into a small tobacco shop just off of the beach and happened across a lone box of Kristoff Maduros. Being a fan of Kristoff and having not tried the Maddie, I snapped one up. Arriving back at home and back to reality shortly, I decided to spark it up and continue with my series of Kristoff reviews.

    Size: Torpedo 6.125x52
    Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
    Binder: Olor Dominican and Cuban Seed
    Filler: Olor Dominican, Cuban Seed, Nicaraguan
    Price: I bought this one at a shop near the beach where everything was overpriced. It cost me $11 but you can find it for $7-$8

    Excellent looking cigar. Itís securely wrapped with a dark brown leaf which speaks of delicious delights hidden within. The stick is solid from tip to shaggy foot with no noticeable soft spots. The wrapper is smooth and oily with no protruding veins and is making my mouth water.

    After cutting, the prelight draw is just right. Not too loose but not too tight. I get a bit of cocoa and leather with a bit of peppery tobacco at the front.

    First Third
    After toasting the foot, the first draw is very pleasant. I immediately notice the cocoa from the prelight profile and also pick up some coffee and sweet spice. The burn is perfectly even and the smoke is thick and heavy. The ash is dark gray and is maybe the tightest Iíve ever seen. It holds on for a full 2 inches before falling all over the front of my shirt. As the transition begins to the second third, a sweet, peppery spice creeps in.

    Second Third
    The cocoa is still the dominant flavor here but the coffee and sweet spice are still perceptible and the menage a trois of flavors create a very distinct profile that I havenít noticed in other cigars. There still havenít been any problems with the burn. Itís been perfect for the entire smoke thus far and itís nice to be able to relax and just enjoy the smoke without having to worry that itís going to be ruined by constantly having to manage the burn. About midway through this portion of the stick there is a creamy note that really brings everything together.

    Last Third
    Still tasting the cocoa and cream. The peppery spice makes a resurgence in force at this point and really puts a great finish on the cigar. The burn remained perfect all the way down to the nub.

    Final Impression
    The Kristoff Maduro lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes and was enjoyable the entire time. It wasnít the best maduro Iíve ever smoked but it was very good. The only real downside to it is the price. At $8 apiece (and definitely at the $11 I paid for it) I just canít throw it in my daily rotation if it isnít great. I will definitely smoke it again because itís truly enjoyable but there are other maduros out there that are just as good and more pocket friendly.

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    Sssssssssssssssssssssssss cartey's Avatar


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Great review there, Josh!
    I still remember my first Kristoff Maduro, it was one of the sweetest maduros I'd ever had. Definitely a fun to enjoy once in a while.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Yeah thanks Josh. The Kristoff Maduro is the first cigar I ever nubbed, because I thought it was soo good. Very nice review.

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    "Witchdoctor" gasdocok's Avatar


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    I've only had one of these but enjoyed it immensely. I like it better than the maduro ligero one.
    Thanks for the great review.
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    Maturing Puffer Fish


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Thanks for the review. This was one of my first maduros and, being a newer smoker, I enjoy reading what the veterans have to say about it. I really liked the amount of smoke and sweet flavor.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Great review. I have had a few Kristoffs but not lately. From the several I had (bought them in TX) I enjoyed. I typically wait for CI deals rather than buying any singles here in CO. I just cant get around to paying 40% tax on top of retail for sticks.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes A144's Avatar


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Nice review! This is one of the Kristoffs I really want to try.

    I've got a Kristoff (I think it's a Criollo) in the humi waiting to be smoked. It's definitely a gorgeous stick.
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    Leading Puffer Fish zeavran1's Avatar


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    I love the Kristoffs but for some reason or just bad luck, I've gotten a fair share of plugged ones. I suffered through those few because they're great.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Quote Originally Posted by zeavran1 View Post
    I love the Kristoffs but for some reason or just bad luck, I've gotten a fair share of plugged ones. I suffered through those few because they're great.
    I ordered a box of maduro churchills that took 40 days to open up on draw. Then they were creamy and smooth as silk..I think they shipped wet.

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    Alpha Puffer Fish


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Nice review. I have one of these in my humi but have yet to smoke it!
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    24 hr's ain't enough splattttttt's Avatar


    Re: Kristoff Maduro Review

    Nice review. Love these!
    I'm still working on a box of the Chuchill since almost two years ago.
    Rich tabacco and cramy spyce is always present.
    The aroma and flavor always reminds me of my chuck potatoes and pea, with a dark gravy Guiness stew that I make often during winter.


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