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Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes A144's Avatar


    Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    Preface:This is my first cigar review since I started smoking seriously, about 6 months ago. My palate has not developed to the point of being able to pick out a lot of specific flavors yet, but Iím getting a few here and there. So this is definitely a noob-smoker level review.

    The Cigar:
    Carlos ToraŮo Casa ToraŮo
    Vitola: Robusto
    Size: 4.75x52
    Body: Mild-Med
    Wrapper: Connecticut
    Aged: 66 days
    Price: $2.29 for a single from CBid
    To drink: nothing

    A nicely made cigar; neatly wrapped with no visible seams. The cap had one small wrinkle in it which flattened out as it got moistened and soft during smoking. The cap cut cleanly and it lit nicely. Prelight draw had just the right amount of resistance to it, although not much in the way of flavor (that I could detect).

    1st Third:
    Iíve only smoked a few mild cigars in my limited time enjoying this hobby, and most have disappointed me with a meager amount of thin smoke which held little flavor (I know, I know... itís a mild cigar for a reason). I was hoping for something better with this cigar, and I wasnít disappointed one bit!

    Right off the bat this stick produced a lot of thick, creamy smoke. The initial few puffs were predominantly cream with a hint of sweetness. The retrohale was the smoothest Iíve experienced yet; very pleasurable. Further into the first third, a little pepper starts to show up in on the finish. The burn stayed wobbly throughout the first third, but no touch-up was needed; I attribute this to the wind outside.

    2nd Third:
    This third brought a bit more pepper into the mix on the draw, although it remained as creamy as the first third. The pepper came and went throughout the second third, but there was always a little zing on the finish. I really enjoyed the alternating pepperiness and creaminess I got here. The retrohale is still quite smooth. The ash is still holding tight, and did so nearly to the halfway point when I accidently knocked it off. It held a good 2Ē though. The burn evened up some, and stayed consistent and very acceptable despite the wind.

    Final Third:
    The last third started with the same sweet cream punctuated with pepper. As it got a little further in, the cream diminished and the pepper picked up a bit. The pepper was still fairly mild compared to some cigars Iíve smoked though. The zing on my tongue and the retrohale picked up a bit as well. I ended it with about an inch left, as the smoke started getting warm, which I donít care for. The burn stayed acceptably even throughout the last third.

    Nicely constructed; decent to good burn; great draw. Cream and pepper dominated the flavors throughout this cigar; the former through the first half, the latter through the second. This was the best mild to mild-med cigar Iíve had yet. It would make a great early morning smoke with nice cup of coffee. I really enjoyed this one; enough so to compel me to write a review, which I didnít plan on.

    I paid about $2.30 for a single on CBid and for that price this is an absolute steal! I definitely plan on getting more, especially given the regular prices you can find them for on CBid. Like I said, I wasnít planning on writing a review, so I didnít get many pics or keep track of smoking time. It was enjoyable nonetheless.

    Thanks for reading my first review, hope you enjoyed!
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    Great review. That is a good price for something you like.

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    Luvin' me some Lagavulin billybarue's Avatar


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    I dig 'em. Try the maduro - I dig them a little bit more. Don't here much about Torano on the boards. Cameroon 1916's will probably always be in my regular rotation.

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    True Derelict Fuzzy's Avatar


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    Very good review! I am a Torano whore and have tried to smoke them all. Though a good cigar, the Casa Torano is my least favorite of this Family, as the stronger cigars fit my palate profile better.
    I don't always drink beer,,,
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    Full grown Puffer Fish SilverStreak's Avatar


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    I started out on the Casa Toranos and have recently been smoking the Signature and the Exodus 50 years. Still haven't tried the maduro, but the Casa Toranos will always have a splace in the humi when I want a nice mild morning smoke. Awesome review Anthony!
    Torpedo, torpedo, torpedo!!

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes A144's Avatar


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Joe, I just got a 5er of the Maduro Lancero's in from CBid yesterday. Can't wait to try one!

    Fuzzy, I usually also like cigars with a stronger flavor better as well. Like Will said though, this one will have a place when I'm looking for a milder smoke.
    Growing old is compulsory, but growing up is optional.

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    Double Trouble ejgarnut's Avatar


    Re: Carlos Torano: Casa Torano

    Nice review Anthony!

    I really like this stick with coffee. Also nice with some Woodford too.
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