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Carinos Corona Dog Walk Review

This is a discussion on Carinos Corona Dog Walk Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; This morning's walk was almost all city. My dog decides where we walk on Fridays and I give her free ...

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    Carinos Corona Dog Walk Review

    This morning's walk was almost all city. My dog decides where we walk on Fridays and I give her free range to go where she wants.

    The Carino 5 1/2" X 44, probably Oscuro wrapped darkie. It really did not show veins on the surface but it is rough looking may be because of what is inside. Still, it is a well made cigar that is firm with a little oil and absolutely not a soft spot to be found.

    This cigar was in my tupperdor for a few months at ~65% and came from a sampler for under $15. Pre-light, it has a sweet smell, with tobacco and wood. No barnyard, this one. Once cut, the draw is just the way I like it, not to firm and shows a sweet tobacco taste with a little black pepper on the lips.

    Toasted with a freshly filled Zippo, the first few draws are showing some harshness, so it is time to harness up my guide for this morning. Just as we leave the park entrance, this cigar is starting to shine. Lots of medium smoke though it may be on the dry side of perfect. The taste is a rich tobacco with some leather, and black pepper that lingered on the tip of my tongue. It seems to be just shy of being a full medium strength, to me.

    A couple of miles of sidewalk cruising into the cigar, I am wishing I could have smoked this sitting and relaxing. This cigar just seemed to be to good for a dog walker. Now there is a salty and sweet hint of chocolate or maybe cocoa powder and the pepper seems to come and go. Though I did not pay much attention to the ash it did hold on longer than most cigars I smoke while being walked.

    Now, at where I decide to turn around, the critter would walk all day, I am getting a rich wood flavor and the smoke and strength has ramped up a notch to a good solid medium with a little longer finish.

    Now, at about the last third of this fine cigar, I decide to take a little detour along a canal bank and sit under a mahogany and sip some 50/50 gin and water to cleanse the palate. Normally, I time a cigar to end right about the time the walk ends but decide to finish it along the bank of the canal.

    The final third really shined for a cigar that was less than three bucks.I had slowed the smoking rate some, and maybe the swig of gin had helped but, now I am getting flavors of caramel and what could only be described as lightly toasted peanut flavors. I did not have a snicker bar but this is what the taste reminded me of.

    Near the point where I was going to have to poke my knife in to finish the nub, the pepper, leather and cedar like flavors kicked in and seemed to stay until the heat washed out the flavors and I tossed the nub.

    I had brought another cigar but decided not to smoke it on the final mile or so of the walk so I could remember the Carinos.

    Conclusion Flavors such as tobacco, leather, chocolate, a couple different kinds of wood, peanuts and caramel made for a good dog walking cigar.

    I have smoked other Carinos and can honestly say they were OK for a dog walker. I just think that this one was special, maybe rolled by a fine and fresh looking babe first thing in the morning by the last of the day before tobacco. One fine cigar that I can only hope the couple others in the tupperdor live up to. One of the better less expensive cigars I have smoked in a week!
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    Re: Carinos Corona Dog Walk Review

    Luv your reviews Fuzzy. I have heard mixed things about the Carinos - more good than bad and that they need substantial rest. But between your review and the size (luv me those corona sizes)... I may have to pick up a few to age.

    I ain't ! I'm just a little large for my size!


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