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601 Blue Label

This is a discussion on 601 Blue Label within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; 601 Blue Label Promiente Size: 5.5x56 Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro Cigar smell: It had a notable potent spicy ...

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    601 Blue Label

    601 Blue Label Promiente
    Size: 5.5x56
    Country: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

    Cigar smell: It had a notable potent spicy aroma.
    Smoke smell: The smoke smell was also notable. It was very nice and I could get a unique hint of pine.
    Construction: The cigar was nicely constructed with a slight box press and a triple cap.

    Introduction: It might have been two years since I have had a 601 blue label. I was excited to give this one a try as I have heard that it has reminded others in various ways of what are my two favorite cigars: The Liga Privada No 9 and the Padron 1926 Serie (more so with age).

    The first third:

    The 601 blue label fired up without a struggle. Right out of the gate a notable array of spices hit my palate. A few minutes in the spices began a mellowing process. It gained some complexity adding a slightly dry sweetness and a very distant hint of earth. The dryness was not cottonmouth style. I had a glass of water with this cigar which I think helped. As the first third progressed the spices took a backseat to the sweetness which built on the finish. Flavors were comfortably medium-full caliber.

    The second third:

    The spices continued to reduce in magnitude and as they did this they took on a slightly more woody character. This was not a normal wood either and I decided to call it a pine flavor because of the smoke aroma. The sweetness continued to dominate the finish and increasing so. It took on a certain floralness that I really enjoyed. The slight dryness went away and the smoke took on a more chewy texture with the body remaining medium-full. The cigar was delivering massive amounts of smoke on its easy draw as well as at idle and had a razor sharp burn that was impressive for its gauge. The ash held on for the entire first half of the stick.

    The final third:

    The spices made their exit out of the background and gave rise to some earthiness which actually came to compete with the floral sweetness, which would still ultimately prevail on the finish, which though clean would last well into the next draw. The smoke remained cool down to the nub.

    The bottom line:

    I highly enjoyed this cigar and would suggest it to others. I do have one more resting in my humidor that I will see if more rest leads to any major improvements. Strength wise it was a solid medium body while medium-full solidly in the flavor department. As for whether it tasted like an LP9 or 1926, I'd say not a whole lot. It actually tasted more like an Undercrown, which also happens to be a cigar I am very fond of.
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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice review, brother. Sounds/looks like a nice smoke.
    "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" -- Steven Wright

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice review! Thanks!
    This is the first post that came up as I'm browsing the forum, relegated to the garage until Spring with one of my favorites!
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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice classic band Mark. I still have the band from the 601 I had a couple years ago and its the classic one.

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    great review i just finished ordering the 601 sampler from cigar monster... pretty excited to try this once it comes in

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice review...definitely one if my go to smokes that can be had on a budget
    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin.

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Great review. I purchased a 5pk a while back and have smoke two. Both were awesome and I had similar experiences as you did.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post up the review!

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    i have eight left from a box from pepin before my father i have not smoked one in over two years but reeding this i will have to light one up

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice review. Gonna light one up soon
    Pissing people off since 1973! And getting better at it everyday.

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    I order 10 from the devils site. They came in yesterday. I smoked one today. I really liked it.

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    Re: 601 Blue Label

    Nice review. These are a little confusing because I think i've seen 3 different bands on this cigar? Assuming they're all the same thing.


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