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Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

This is a discussion on Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; ...

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    Buckler of Swash Necmo's Avatar


    Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    First off, this is my first "real" review on Puff and I'm still developing my palette, so I did my best to distinguish the flavors in this stick.

    My inspiration for purchasing these sticks and reviewing them was this thread: Any details on Cigar Bids "Nicaraguan '90' Rated 2nds'?

    I've known that these sticks have been on various sites, but I didn't see a review of them on Puff anywhere, so I thought I would try and contribute a little by reviewing them. Therefore, I decided to take a chance and low-ball on a bundle of them and happened to win. Anyway, onto the review.

    Size: 6 x 50
    Filler: Nicaragua
    Rest time: 5 days

    Start time: 3:30pm PST
    Beverage: Water
    Partly Cloudy and windy
    Wind: 13mph with occasional gusts

    pic doesn't do the overall view any justice


    Obviously, there were some imperfections on the stick itself. The foot was slightly soft to the touch, there were was a little damage to the head and cap to the stick itself, and a pretty large vein down the length of the stick with two small discolored spots. Also, I thought it would be a good time to smoke since the weather originally had a calm breeze, but the wind picked up nearly immediately after lighting up, which gave me some issues. Nice toothy wrapper.

    Initial Light/Draw: Lit up perfectly, required no touch-ups throughout the length of the cigar. Draw was very good, not too tight and not too easy and stayed that way throughout.

    Please excuse the picture, a gust of wind came along right when I snapped the pic and blew off most of the ash.

    Ash: There was just slightly under 1.5in of ash before a wind gust blew it away before snapping the pic. It was also a very flaky ash, maybe from the soft spot at the foot?
    The most predominant were earthy and wood flavors, with an initial pepper spice that quickly dissipated. Background notes of leather.


    Flavors: Leather became the star here, in fact this part of the cigar was very enjoyable. Earth and wood notes still present, but the leather took the driver's seat. Draw remained good.


    Flavors: Earth, wood, and tobacco flavors were the main flavors here, the leather reverted back to a background note. Draw still remained good, but the wrapper started to peel away slightly as it got near the damaged part of the foot.

    Smoke time: 45 minutes

    Final thoughts: I would classify this particular stick as Medium to Med-Full. The burn was slightly uneven at first, mainly due to the wind I'm assuming. However once I shielded myself a bit the burn was sharper. Draw was great throughout and did not require any touch-up lights or any babying of any kind. There were other flavors happening as well, but I'm still learning how to detect specific ones. One surprising quality was the smoke output; it produced a good quantity of nice, creamy, almost chewable smoke which was very enjoyable. Overall, not bad considering it was ROTT and would probably be quite enjoyable with some age. At the price point they go for, I figured I might as well try them and post my thoughts. Would I buy again? We'll see! If they age well and I want some budget-friendly sticks, then sure. If not, I'd rather stick to a GHV2002 or Nica Libre at a similar price.

    Thanks for reading my noob review.
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    I'm totally serious, dude B-daddy's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Sean, you did a nice job on this review. Thanks. Appreciate your insights. I'll make one observation; I think you're smoking a bit too fast. That looks to be a toro and, generally, should take about an one to 1.5 hours to nub (some folks would take 2 hours). I think if you condition yourself to slow down, you'll get more out of the smoke. (Note: Tonight Brian is playing the role of the Pot, who calls the Kettle (played by Sean) "black." I'm also routinely guilty of gulping down cigars unless I focus on smoking slowly.)

    Anyway, thanks for the review.
    "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" -- Steven Wright

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    Buckler of Swash Necmo's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Thank you for the observation. Correct, it is a toro and I agree that I was smoking this a little fast. Mainly due to the undesirable wind (which also blew my cup of water onto my pants and chair in the 2/3 ) and concentrating more on writing down my thoughts while smoking it. Usually that size would take me an hour or 1hr 15min.

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    Buckler of Swash Necmo's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Sorry for the double post, but I can't edit my last one. I decided to smoke another one of these since it was far less windy tonight, so I was able to smoke slower and it made a lot of difference. Stick lasted about 1.5 hours and the flavors were the same, except a lot more noticeable since I assume it wasn't burning as hot. Honestly, quite surprised, a decent smoke inmo. Would make a good yard gar or daily stick I think.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish JG5000's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    thanks for some insight on these.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    I joined this site a while back but never posted, thanks for your review of this stick and to others for past reviews. I am attending an out of town wedding in several weeks and I expect to give quite a few cigars away so I picked up a bundle of these Toro for that purpose. I tried one fresh out of the package over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. I think they will be enjoyed by the guys at the wedding who are not regular smokers and they may earn a regular spot in my humidor.

    My findings were similar to yours with the wrapper being slightly spotted with a few minor blemishes. The first third was spicy and a bit buttery. After that it mellowed out a bit to some woody earthy tones and got a bit leathery at the finish as you mentioned. I also smoke a bit fast and there was minimal wind and 50 degree temps, and I smoked this stick in about 65 minutes. The burn was even all the way down and the draw was excellent.

    Thanks again for the review. I will also post again after another stick or two if my attitude changes.

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Handed out about 9 of these last weekend and had a few myself. Definitely still pleased with this cigar and everyone else enjoyed them too. Glad I still have a few sticks left.

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    Young Fish


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Any idea who makes these?

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Quote Originally Posted by bandit1 View Post
    Any idea who makes these?
    I think they are Olevia Serie O in the Toro size

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    Young Fish


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    I bought two bundles of these a while back and love them for a good daily cigar on the drive home. Churchills that I got were a dark maduro and pretty smooth and full, but the Toros are awesome and spicy, but not too spicy with a woody and full taste to them. Just ordered another bundle.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish JGIORD's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    Nice review and pics.

    "you forgot one very important thing, mate: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow"...Savvy?

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    I just received the Churchill sized in the mail. Absolutely excellent smoke and they really do live up to their names. Among the best I've ever smoked. Supposedly these are Oliva Series "O" or "V"....depending on the size.

    I inspected all 15 that came in the bundle and only 2 or 3 even had cosmetic blemishes....the rest were spot on. These are $10 cigars....all-day-long. One of the best values out there at less than $2 per stick!

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    Newbie in the ocean bgz's Avatar


    Re: Nicaraguan 90+ Rated 2nd Review

    I have some of these in robusto size, it looks identical to the Oliva O Robustos I have.

    Smoked a couple of them so far, I like them, I would definitely buy them again.


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