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Duque - review

This is a discussion on Duque - review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; First of a couple cheap stick reviews. I'm a stay at home dad, so, while I've had a few premium ...

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    De nihilo nihil The Nothing's Avatar


    Duque - review

    First of a couple cheap stick reviews. I'm a stay at home dad, so, while I've had a few premium cigars, more often than not the good sticks are just out of my budget.

    The Duque is a cheap bundle stick available only through CI so far as I can tell. Their description says thus:

    Duque is a decent everyday cheapie handmade. Made with Sumatra wrappers and Dominican long leaf fillers, Duque is mild in body and it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye.

    Pronounced "du-kay"
    Strength: Medium
    Wrapper: Sumatra
    Origin: Dominican Republic
    Shapes: Churchill, Robusto, Toro, Torpedo
    I picked up the robusto size (5x50) which came out to $.80 each. It comes in a 25 stick bundle, and you can currently get two-bundles for $40

    Since I have so many of these, I've been able to smoke more than a few of them. The are crazy inconsistent. For starters, here are a random sample of 5 sticks.
    Duque - review-duque-random-2.jpg

    Check out that color variation. Part of the reason they're so cheap is that they must not have a QC person ratings sticks on color. Heck, even size and cap uniformity vary.
    Duque - review-duque-head-random.jpg

    Speaking of the cap. These, at first glance, have rolled double or triple cap, oh, but look again. These cheapies have just a round cut of leaf glued onto the end. And poorly so.
    Duque - review-duque-cap.jpg

    I picked out one of the sticks and decided it was going to be the one to light up and do an actual review about. As I mentioned, I've smoked more than a few of these recently. The stick I chose had a slightly spongy soft head and foot. The head cut cleanly and I lit the cigar with my Hendrix FX3 Lighter.

    Duque - review-duque-smoke-1.jpg

    I was met with good amount of smoke and flavors of leather and straw. But not any straw, wet straw. If you've ever had the "luxury," you'll know what I mean. Fortunately that wet straw flavor went away after a handful of puffs and turned, somehow, into some earthy flavor I couldn't quite put my finger on. The smoke aroma was that of tobacco, nothing special.

    Duque - review-duque-smoke-2.jpg

    At the end of the first third, the flavor of the Duque became so mild as not to exist. This was a first for me. I could puff some good quantities of smoke, but it was really flavorless. At this point the burn was fairly uneven, but the ash was a pleasant white.

    Duque - review-duque-smoke-3.jpg

    When the flavor returned there was a hint of pepper being carried by some bitterness. It was reminiscent of re-heated coffee. You know, that cup you begrudgingly tossed in the microwave so that you could finish it. That's the way this tasted.

    Duque - review-duque-smoke-4.jpg

    As I neared the band, the earth tones picked up and the bitterness faded out.

    Duque - review-duque-smoke-5.jpg

    I did not smoke this past the band. Burn time about 25 minutes.

    Every one of these Duques has tasted somewhat different. I've had some great ones that tasted almost as if they were honey dipped. The first one tasted like I used my daughters diaper pail as a humidor and kept it wrapped in old moldy leather. Fortunately that never repeated itself.

    Better than a stick in the eye?
    Maybe. The jury is still out on that one.
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    De nihilo nihil The Nothing's Avatar


    Re: Duque - review

    What I'd like to call your attention to right now is the construction of the cigar. Like I mentioned, they are wildly inconsistant. Here are another 5 random sticks out of the box.

    Duque - review-duque-random-1.jpg

    Since these run a whole 80 each, I had NO problem disecting one. You see, I had a suspicion...

    So here we have the nekkid cigar. The Sumatran wrappers on the left, The binder (assumed dominican) and the "Dominican long leaf fillers" on the right.

    Duque - review-duque-disect-1.jpg

    Lets take a further look at that bundle of long leave filler on the right.

    Duque - review-duke-disect-2.jpg

    What is this?

    Duque - review-hydrogenbomb.gif

    Duque - review-duque-disect-blow-1.jpg
    Duque - review-duque-disect-blow-2.jpg

    I'm coming to the conclusion that because the filler material CAME from leaves, then they could technically be called long leaf filler. But most certainly it is not. In fact, we have a variety of filler material here. Fortunately, while picking through it all I did not find any beetles, strings, stones, or other non-tobacco material. At least, I all appears to be tobacco. I guess this is the second way they keep the price tag on this cigar so low

    In the end, this cigar really does suck. There's no telling if you're going to get a dog rocket or a decently smokable cigar. That said, I do have a place for this stick - on my kayak. That way I don't have to worry about a good cigar getting ruined by water.

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    I'm totally serious, dude B-daddy's Avatar


    Re: Duque - review

    Interesting. Thanks. I kinda want to cut up some of my cheap cigars like that...but I like to smoke them a little more.
    "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" -- Steven Wright

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish TJB's Avatar


    Re: Duque - review

    That is one funny review! Thank you for the cheer me up. If the tobacco is long filler it shouldn't be cut up. Nice to call them out.

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    De nihilo nihil The Nothing's Avatar


    Re: Duque - review

    There's still a few images in the first post that aren't showing up for some reason. Oh well. Just more of me smoking the stick.

    Hopefully this will keep others from making the mistake I made: Don't buy cigars online after drinking.
    That's the only reason I ended up with these.

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Duque - review

    Hahah, great review. I guess for .80, you can't expect much. I wonder if it's all noobs learning to roll making them, too?


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