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Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

This is a discussion on Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Size: 6 x 52 Country of Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Connecticut Broad leaf Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina Filler: Dominican, Honduras, Nicaragua ...

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    Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

    Size: 6 x 52
    Country of Origin: Nicaragua
    Wrapper: Connecticut Broad leaf
    Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler: Dominican, Honduras, Nicaragua
    Vitola: Belicoso

    Construction: Oily dark wrapper with somewhat smooth some tooth visible veins and tight seams but visible. cap is pretty even well done.
    Firm pack but there was a soft spot up in the front of this cigar...

    Summary: I already had my coffee smoke earlier so I cleared my palate with lime sorbet.

    Prelight Aroma: Has a subtle sweet barnyard aroma.

    1/3 -
    Flavor: Initial light was very subtle smooth sweet leather, the retro-hale was smooth. After the initial light the pepper came in and the retro-hale
    was pretty sharp. Picking up notes of coffee and faint coco the leather seems to always be there something else maybe a woodiness that is mixing
    in there a lot of subtle flavors mixed together. Smoothing out pretty good very subtle smoke same flavors I am assuming that powder taste is the coco
    but it is very subtle and is showing up on the finish more. got some sweet woody oily taste on my lips from one puff very enjoyable so far picked up
    a hint of citrus on the retro-hale.. The draw is firm good smoke production. Coming to the end of the first third it has smooth out a bit the leather
    sweet spicy woody flavor with a hint of citrus on the retro-hale the finish is there with a powdery taste am assuming is the coco but it isn't like what
    I normally perceive as coco like in other cigars maybe because it is so subtle..

    Burn: The burn initially canoed on the soft spot but recovered but still uneven, white and gray ash pretty solid, burn is sharp and cool.

    Aroma: unique I can't put my finger on it ( sweet barnyard tobacco smell )

    Finish: finish has oily leather wood very subtle starting out and doesn't last long so far.

    You can notice the flat spot / soft spot.

    Pic of the flat / soft spot

    2/3 -
    Flavor: Going into the second third same profile bit sharp on the retro-hale the powder woody taste seems to be becoming more prominent the leather
    is always there and with a subtle at times almost unnoticeable sweetness. It does have a coffee in there but very subtle to me or am not picking it
    out very well this is a subtle smoke in my opinion I can feel a little nicotine. The retro-hale seems to be smooth at times with no citrus and at other
    times it can be sharp with some citrus but definitely smoothing out in the second third. I am starting to get the tingling on my tongue with the oily
    woody finish. The nicotine seems to be picking up half way through the second third. Had to clear my palate the oily woody almost licorice
    sharp finish needed to be cleaned off. The draw is loosening up some which is nice.. Coming to the end of the second third I got another sharp retro-hale
    but a second puff revealed a nice coffee coco flavor from the stick.

    Burn: sharp and cool, I can see pockets in the ash the ash is flowering a bit on me or flaking out still a bit uneven from that initial canoe
    doesn't require a touch up though I think it will work out fine. The ash at this point isn't holding on a full inch but seems sturdy but I already
    had an ash incident.

    Aroma: nice tobacco leather smell it has changed at least to me maybe because the smoke production is opening up.

    Finish: The woodiness is becoming more prominent a bit sharp at times.

    3/3 -
    Flavor: Coming into the final third the flavors have really smoothed still getting a sharp spicy woody taste at times but still subtle. I am still
    getting some citrus on the retro-hale the leather is always there enjoying this smoke the nicotine I can feel it not overwhelming for me but it has
    little bit of punch to it. I still get hints of coco and coffee every so often which is a nice flavor. I did starting getting a "nuttiness" towards
    the end ( did he just say nuttiness? ) o yes and I did detect some grassy taste but not in a bad way maybe better to say earthy in the final third.

    Burn: The burn evened up pretty good ash has really improved it has become sturdy. Smoke production is good and the draw has
    opened up. You can see by the pic it has some nice "ribs" on the ash.

    Finish: Same finish bit oily spicy woodiness on the back of the tongue. You can definitely taste the spice. the finish at times is a bit long for me,
    but isn't something that bothers me a bit sharp but some rest or age I believe will smooth that out nicely...

    This is another good stick with some complexity it isn't my kind of stick I like a bit more flavor the flavors were subtle and at times sharp. An almost chocolate
    taste would come out at times but the coco taste was definitely there. The canoe issue that happened which affected the burn line
    was the first I ever seen in a Liga Privada stick to be honest they are normally flawless it did correct itself and didn't require a touch up I don't
    know if this is from moisture or a shift in the leaves or just an error on the rolling etc who knows, but besides that one flaw that I have seen so far
    this stick would probably do well with a bit of rest take the sharpness off of it. Even though this isn't in my category for smokes I would normally
    smoke I did however enjoy it. Smoke time was about an hour and forty three minutes.

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    Re: Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

    T52 is my go to liga, never had any other than a robusto though, maybe the beli will be my next venture. Nice review

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    Re: Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

    Thanks for another detailed review!

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    Re: Review - Liga Privada T52 Belicoso

    Quote Originally Posted by RayJax View Post
    Thanks for another detailed review!
    Thanks for the feed back I try to be as detailed as possible without going to overboard.. Sometimes i feel kinda pompous... Sir Sir There is a bit of Nuttiness here Wait no Sir I find Oooo Yes there is a bit of citrus on z Retrohale.. but that is how I review...

    By the way does anyone know why cigars get flat spots like that? Is it the binder leaves where they meet not being rolled properly or is it from the leaves shifting? or could be either? Just wondering...


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