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Swag Cigars review

This is a discussion on Swag Cigars review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Right off the bat I just want to say I may be younger but I definitely am not a part ...

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    Young Puffer Fish cuban- crafted's Avatar


    Swag Cigars review

    Right off the bat I just want to say I may be younger but I definitely am not a part of the swag fad that is prevalent among the youth these days. The cigar was recommended to me by an employee at my B&M and he gave me one to try even though the name of the brand had already put me off a bit.

    Name: Swag Lavish
    Size: 5x54
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Weather: sunny Florida day
    Drink: Water

    The construction of the cigar was pretty well done and tightly rolled. Lighting the cigar was a little difficult but once it was lit it was fine. The burn was pretty even though it needed some correction through the smoke.

    The first third.

    Very earthy flavors from the start and a little pepper taste. Draw was a bit tight and their was very little smoke.

    Second third.

    Pepper taste throughout and a slight creamy leathery taste mixed in. Draw improved as well as smoke production. had to make a couple of corrections at this point because it started to canoe a bit but nothing too crazy.

    Last third.

    The pepper taste disappeared and the leather taste took over with a hint of a wet grass which kind of grossed me out a bit. The only real problem at this point that I had was the punch to the face of nicotine which had my head swimming. I stopped smoking it a little past the point pictured hear.

    All in all its not a bad cigar but I wouldn't rush out to buy it again. The tastes are pretty good but toward the end it just kind of got a bit soggy. Also this cigar really put me on my butt nicotine wise, I have had the infamous LFD double ligero chisel and never really felt it but this one was wow.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish TheGipper's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    Have not run into these at my local B&M. Sounds like a pass when I do see them. Thanks for the review.

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    Young Puffer Fish cuban- crafted's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    yea had it not been that I got it for free I would have never bought them and I probably won't buy one again.

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    Leading Puffer Fish HTML5 Gordon's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    Thanks for the review. The branding alone has kept me away from trying one, but glad to know that I am likely not missing anything.

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    Resident Perdomo Whore Wicked_Rhube's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    Nice review. I had a Swag "Quickie" once from a BCP sampler. The strongest taste was the grass you mentioned, quite foul in my opinion.
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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes BKDW's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    I actually like that grassy flavor....I have the lanceros. They have been getting better and better as they have been resting.
    "I don't expect a consumer to spend $15 on a cigar and have to sit on it for two years..." Jorge Padron

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    Intergalactic Hussy Engineer99's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    I like these things too...They do need lots of rest and have to be smoked at the proper RH though. Granted, I've only had the 6x54 Toro size, and have been thinking about getting a fiver of coronas or lanceros to compare. Maybe with the smaller RG, they will come around faster.
    I'm completely unbiased and 100% open minded. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader fuente~fuente's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    Good review Manny

    I also like the spit shot in the third pic
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    Young Puffer Fish cuban- crafted's Avatar


    Re: Swag Cigars review

    Haha you caught me thats when it started to taste like soggy grass


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