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This is a discussion on Regius within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; I just finished smoking a Regius robusto. I picked this up from a mall smoke shop while I was in ...

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    I just finished smoking a Regius robusto. I picked this up from a mall smoke shop while I was in Louisville visiting family, and I should have bought more than just the one. I haven't been able to find them anywhere else, either B&M or online. The guy working the store said they just received a few boxes and that they were supposed to be pretty good. I think I paid around $5 to $6 for it.

    This was definitely a cigar I will be seeking out again, and after smoking I searched out a few reviews online. All of the reviews I read were pretty similar to my experience, but for the sake of saving everyone some time searching, I will give a brief overview of my smoke.

    I took some pictures while smoking, but didn't have enough forethought to take any before cutting/lighting. The construction was fantastic. No soft spots and a super even wrapper, which ended up providing an excellent and even burn until the end.

    The first 1/3 was rather mellow, but I felt that there was a lot of flavor waiting to come out. Almost like it was teasing me a little. The draw was a little stiffer than I usually like, but I believe that this may have been due to the RH in my humidor. It is currently around 69%, which I like to smoke my sticks around 65 or so to provide a slightly easier burn. Either way, I was not disappointed during the initial light up. I didn't really get any spices or pepper, but I did get some toasted earth, if that makes sense. As I kept going, I was really looking forward to the rest of the smoke.

    The 2/3 is where the stick really opened up. The draw became a little looser, and the flavors really started to make an appearance. There were more pronounced leather, earth, toasted nut, and cedar flavors. The smoke was cool and very smooth. The burn was tight and the ash did not flake at all.

    The final third was just like the 2nd. The flavors never became bitter or too intense, and it continued to smoke great all the way until my fingers were singed.

    There was not a single bad thing about this stick in my opinion. Was it the best smoke ever??? Not really, but it was a really great smoke at a great price. If I could find somewhere to buy more, it would be something I would always keep a stock of. I was very pleasantly surprised, and hopefully the next time I smoke one I won't be underwhelmed from this experience. I would recommend this stick to anyone for a try. Thanks.


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    Re: Regius

    Nice writeup, thanks for taking the time to review it for us.

    Can't remember seeing these locally but sounds like it's worth a shot for the price. Love when I can pick up some leather, that alone would probably make the cigar for me.
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    Re: Regius

    Thanks for the review. I have a Regius tubo that I picked up in a pass a couple months ago. I might need to dig it out the cooler soon.

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    Re: Regius

    Motofox9 - thanks for the review - makes me exited to try some!

    Coincidentally, I stopped by a cigar shop in Chicagoland today and picked up a box of "Regius Exclusivo USA Fat Perfecto" cigars. This was on the urging of the rep in the store. Some quick online glances show a good deal of positive reviews around this brand.

    I'll post a review when I smoke my first - right now just relaxing them in the humidor.

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    Re: Regius

    Atlantic has them. I found the Churchill Black Label I smoked to have a unique flavor profile and I enjoyed it, but it didn't make me stop what I was doing to go order more.

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    Re: Regius

    Nice review. Ive been looking to try these too. Everywhere I looked was backordered.


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