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Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013

This is a discussion on Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013 within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Cigar: Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013 Size: 7 1/4'' X 52 Price: About $8 Time: 2 hours [URL=http://s112.photobucket.com/user/zookieC90/media/20130831_014003_zpsc78824e1.jpg.html] [/URL Very pretty ...

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    Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013

    Cigar: Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013
    Size: 7 1/4'' X 52
    Price: About $8
    Time: 2 hours

    Very pretty brown wrapper with a few veins, neat cap, and a slight give when you squeeze it. Smelling the foot was nothing but pepper. For anyone that does not know, I love peppery, strong cigars... If this one is anything like other sticks in the Avion/Fausto line it will be great!

    Took about 5 mintues to get this cigar going really well. As with most double perfectos it was hard to draw at first until I got it burning past the small end. Intial falvors were a medium to full strenght pepper, with some light earthy flavors in the back ground. Lots of smoke, and burned well.

    Ash seemed to hold on well. The cigar is moving from medium full to a more full strenght... glad I ate before I smoked tonight! Lots of pepper, and it really comes to life on the retrohale. The earthy tones in the back ground are becoming more apparent, but are mingling well with the pepper.

    If you look closely on the floor you can see the ash I dropped. About an inch but very solid. The pepper has died down, and is even with the earthy tones. I started picking up a woody flavor, but it was very light. so far so good. Definatley a full strength cigar like the Fausto. Very clean feel of smoke, and does not leave much of any aftertaste once the finish is gone.

    The wood has come up a bit, and its reminds me of fresh cut firewood. The pepper and earthy tones are the main flavors which are great. Still very strong, and not really any burn issues. Ash last about an inch or so.

    Pepper is building up. The wood and earthy notes have fallen back a lot. I started getting a slight dark roast coffee flavor for a few puffs then it went away, which was a nice touch that kept me interested. Same status on ash and burn. No real issues.

    Finished this one up at about 2 hours, and it was a good experience overall. No real issues at all. People who are vitamin-N sensitive should be careful and eat a big meal before hand, and have a sugary drink in hand. Not my favorite blend of all the Fausto/Avion line, but we will see how it does with age.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013

    Nice review, thanks.

    I know that thing would beat me down with nic but maybe a smaller vitola would be ok for me.
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    Re: Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013

    Pretty solid review. smoked 2 of these yesterday at the pool hall and had nothing but nice things to say about it.

    I would say all of your remarks are pretty spot on, as well.
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    Re: Tatuaje Avion Limited 2013

    Nice review... Thanks to @ejewell I managed to grab a 5er of these!!! Cant wait to try one
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