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Diamond Crown Maximus #1 Double Corona (ROTT!) Review

This is a discussion on Diamond Crown Maximus #1 Double Corona (ROTT!) Review within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; Hi fellow puffers! Maybe best to start with a small warning, this is my first review in the forum section ...

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    Diamond Crown Maximus #1 Double Corona (ROTT!) Review

    Hi fellow puffers!

    Maybe best to start with a small warning, this is my first review in the forum section AND what's worse; also the first time I've actually -with my limited english skills- tried to write down the whole amazing experience during the smoking of the cigar, so please try to find the patience, that is required to give a still-bit-of-a-noob a chance. And I'd also want to apologize for not being able to show any pictures, sorry.

    Ok, the reason that I'd like to share this story is simply because I could never have imagined, that a special cigar - that I've read about over and over again, of people that go on about how you absolutely have to age the cigar for at least 0.5-2 years before you touch it - was such a winner smoked ROTT!

    Start: It was one of the most beautiful sticks that I've ever seen, with one minor visible vein.

    Prelight smell was awesome and the draw perfect. It also felt nice, well filled and heavy in my hand. Everything indicated that it was constructed really well.

    Finally toasted and fired this big baby up - which all was surprisingly easy for such a beast - it started off creamy and rich, a good sweet tobacco taste, with no pepper or spice at least yet. A rare delicious taste of caramel starts after 2/3" already. Incredible razor sharp burn so far.

    A little bit of spice creeps slowly into the mixture after approximately one inch. Continuing wonderfully forwards with this cocktail up until the two inch mark, which is where the slightly crooked but firm chunk of light grey ash falls off, and where also a very pleasant mild woody taste appear. Still creamy and rich but with less sweetness and caramel. Sadly it's here where it starts to burn unevenly but no touch-ups are needed. Sometime during the next two inches, a subtle & pleasing coffee taste comes along.

    At the halfway point I've gently two times rolled the ash off - and BOOM! - Houston, we are again proceeding with straight burn, along with very good flavors of coffee, a little milk chocolate, a bit of wood and ( just the right amount of ) spice, which however seem to slowly start building up from this point. And I would also say that some (a little bit) of the sweetness is back.

    At this point 3+ inches left of the stick; now (again not too much at all but still) considerably spicier, a bit sweet - and also almost from nowhere has appeard an interesting (hmm...?) kind of slightly anisy or minty medium heavy spice that I don't recognize and starting quite slowly to build up some strength, however still far from full. The ash has been flaky for some time now and it's also time for a second minor touch up. But overall still spicy, woody and enjoyable, showing no signs of harshness and certainly not too strong so far.

    2+ inches left; mostly woody and a spicy taste with some sweetness still lingering and burning surprisingly cool and straight with pretty much the same strength.

    Second last inch going on and the end is close but still nothing in my head tells me to put it down yet (miracle!) - Heeey, STOP, at least for a moment people and hear THIS out: this is honestly something new for me (I promise!) - it actually suddenly mellows out (at this point!?) WTF? For real? Ok. This is enough for me; five last slow nice puffs and I lay this truly marvellous, "heavenly thing" down, nubbed, and overwhelmed with happiness! The End.

    Thank you for reading.

    I sincerely hope that at some point, you'd give this cigar a chance - at least once: it deservs it!!

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    Re: Diamond Crown Maximus #1 Double Corona (ROTT!) Review

    I just mailed one of these to a friend yesterday (not the same vitola, but a Maximus ). You picked a great smoke to do your first review! Thanks for sharing it.


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