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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

This is a discussion on La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo within the Non-Habanos Reviews forums, part of the General Cigar Discussion category; ...

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    Young Fish PS Rob's Avatar


    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Bear with my review, I'm new to this.

    My favorite cigar of all time was the LaGloria Cubana Serie R #6 .

    That is until General bought them out, then the quality dropped and they no longer were worth the $12.50 a stick California prices, or the ~$8 online.

    I still smoke them, but not often.

    The new Black label was interesting to me though, so I got a few #6 4 Gordo (6.2” x 64)

    This is what CI says about them:
    A richer, bolder La Gloria Serie R? Oh yes!
    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black extends th​e immensely popular, 92-rated Serie R line. But here’s why this one’s different (and better). Th​e ne​w La Gloria Serie R Black is handcrafted in Nicaragua which allows for​ easier access to the powerful, ultra-flavorful tobaccos contained within. A Nicaraguan Topado ligero wrapper grown in Jalapa overlays a bold, well-aged, Cuban-seed blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers.​ This combination is ripe with flavor and strength, offering a rich n’ hearty profile brimming with notes of pepper, earth, coffee, cedar, cream, honey, and spices. Delicious, noticeably stronger than the already-powerful Serie R line, and ready to satisfy even the most discriminating palates. The big-ring sizes, relentless consistency, and top-notch construction you’ve come to expect from La Gloria remain, but they’ve surprisingly added in a lower per-stick retail price. What’s not to love about this one? Can’t think of a damn thing.
    And the price as a full $3 a stick less than the Serie R I am used too.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0477_zps721a18fe.jpgLa Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0478_zps0c7bc90e.jpg

    Pretty cigar, with strong veins and firm construction. I was worried about a rough draw but didn't experience this.

    I gave it a nice thin clip, just exposing the filler and had a smooth draw.

    Pre light draw was about what you would expect from a 64 ring gauge, the flavor seemed fuller than it turned out to be.

    Lighting was straightforward, I should point out that this is the second one I smoked. The first one burned uneven from the start, causing me to cut and re-light the stick after 1/2 inch. This is exactly the problem plaguing the LaGloria Serie R line in my opinion.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0480_zps4320e9c4.jpg
    This one began much better with the burn though.

    1st Third:

    Beginning flavors were full bodied, woody flavors. A hint of coffee maybe, but not spicy or tangy. A nice smooth blend of flavors though.

    The burn became uneven rather quickly though, so I decided to let it run its course to see what it would do.

    Basically it seemed that all four sides had a mind to race to the bottom but couldn’t get a foothold to declare itself the victor. First one side ran bad, then two opposite sides of the cigar, making a strange looking burn, but then it really evened out on its own accord and burned pretty true.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0481_zps0571d456.jpg

    Ash was strong and held firm for a solid 2 inches, might have gone longer but I lean back in my chair when I smoke and I have enough shirts with burn marks on my chest so I knocked off the ash at 2”.

    One thing I noticed on all these I smoked; I never have produced as much smoke as these cigars yield. No idea why, but I would swear the smoke was double the normal amount. Made for a fuller feeling in the mouth, and I rarely felt the need to 'heat it up' by drawing a few quick short puffs before I took a draw.

    2nd Third:

    The second third of the cigar really revealed the true nature of this cigar. Like a lot of Nicaraguans, I was pleasently introduced to a comple flavor, with a hint of twang that complimented the smooth creaminess of the smoke. I felt like it had the flavor of a full bodied cigar, with the punch of a medium body. Made for an enjoyable time smoking through the middle of this stick.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0484_zps24267c96.jpg

    The unevenness of the burn was a little off putting, made it look like a cheaper cigar, but like I said before, it seemed to right itself pretty well.

    Final Third

    As I got into the last third of the cigar, I was more appreciative of the 'full bodied' designation. I was drinking water with it, and the full force of the smoke began to hit me. More leathery and meaty now, it still produced a huge volume of smoke. I was working on my smoke rings and got a few really impressive ones, but had so much extra smoke in the air it made me bob my head to try to see what was going on.

    I probably got too absorbed in the smoke rings and didn't notice I almost burned the band because the bottom decided to make a last ditched effort to win the race to the bottom of the smoke.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0486_zpse046e3cd.jpg

    The band came off nicely and once I ashed the stick it seemed to burn even again, albeit at a 45 degree angle to itself, allowing me to get back to the serious business of smoke rings.

    I was probably smoking this faster than most ( I always have ) so I don't think this stick lasted more than 75 minutes total, but after an hour in I was feeling the buzz and slowed down a bit. It still had a creamy goodness though that never got harsh or spicy. The only thing that I noticed was the twangy aftertaste was more pronounced.

    La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo-imag0489_zps758514d0.jpg

    The finish was like most large ring full body cigars, strong and tasty. Still felt the desire to take full draws, get as much of this cigar as it would give, but the uneven burn finally caught up with my sense of disappointment in the inability for General Cigar to make a high quality constuction large ring gauge cigar.

    Overall I would smoke this again, but it will never rise to the level of a favorite stick. They run >$9 here in California, and for ?$9 I'd rather smoke a Padron 7000. But if you want to try a full bodied smoke after a big steak dinner when you can impress your woman with your incredible skills at blowing smoke rings, this cigar will be a nice experience.

    And why do they make 18 cigar boxes? For crying out loud, make a full box of it already.

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    Conscientious Objector Cardinal's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Nice review, thanks for doing it. Sounds like a decent smoke if you can score a good deal.
    Death comes for us all, Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be...without honor - Splinter

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    Leading Puffer Fish Merovius's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Ive tried quite a few of the General La Glorias and Im not a fan but I would say that this is their best effort as of late. Thanks for the review.

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    The Smilin' Bomber usafvet509's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Thanks for the review, Rob. I will have to try these again sometime.
    I say again because I got a Serie R in a sampler from C.I., and I took
    a beating trying to smoke it. Sad as it sounds, it scared me away from fulls.
    If I am going to properly develop a good palate, I guess I gotta jump back into the
    full side sometime.

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    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Solid first effort, Rob. Well done.

    While I will admit, I haven't bought any of the traditional SR5M in a year, my most recent purchase was from well into the all-General era. I have a LOT of history with the line and have loved it since my very first puff. I was horrified that they would change and mess up the blend, but in my experience, they didn't. I still have some from all three eras; all-Erinie, Ernie and General and all-General. Taking age out of the equation, the blends seem to have remained the consistent.

    I've never tried this new thing, but I'll look for it the next time I'm at my local. It certainly won't be a 64 ring jaw-stretcher though, lol.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Nice review Rob. I have some of these, and the only thing I don't really care for is the huge RG. I can't believe you burned this thing in 75 minutes- I can make one last 2 hours.

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    Maturing Puffer Fish Cigar5150's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    I got one as a freebie with an order. It had a few days in the humi (probably not enough) before I gave it a shot. I had the same experience Rob did. Construction was poor with the wrapper not just splitting, but falling apart with a very uneven burn that could not be corrected. The flavor was still very good though.

    Other than that one Black my experience over the years has been identical to Herf N Turf Don's. I recently had a five pack of Serie R Belicosos and they were all great in flavor, construction and burn. I used to love the Wavells, but have not smoked one in many years.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish FireRunner's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    I don't smoke La Gloria much at all. But, I have several friends who love this new Black/Silver series they just launched. I tried one last week but didn't care for it. The gauge just isn't for me and I could feel myself just puffing filler.
    20 years of smoking and still going strong *cough* *cough*...

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    Young Puffer Fish TacticalStogie's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    I recieved two of these from Bryan from Cigar Obsession along with a few other stogies in contest I had won. They were not event out on the market yet when I got them. I had smoked a few of the LGC's and found them to be ok, not great, but totally smokable. Anyway I have to say I rather enjoyed the one I have smoked. I gave the second one to my best friend and he said the same.. I will have to check them out again.
    Kell -Houston, TX

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    Leading Puffer Fish


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Nicely done. My B&M guy gave me one of these about a month ago and I smoked it about a week ago. It was a smoke monster and flavorful, very enjoyable smoke. I may have gotten lucky as mine burned very nice even. The day after I smoked it I went down and bought 5 to keep handy. My B&M has them priced at $5.15, but he gave me a discount and with tax came to a little over $23. I felt like i got an excellent deal on some very good smokes. Thanks for the review, made for a enjoyable read.

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    Stranger ina strange land RTChallenger13's Avatar


    Re: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black #64 Gordo

    Quote Originally Posted by Herf N Turf View Post
    I have a LOT of history with the line and have loved it since my very first puff. I was horrified that they would change and mess up the blend, but in my experience, they didn't. I still have some from all three eras; all-Erinie, Ernie and General and all-General. Taking age out of the equation, the blends seem to have remained the consistent.
    Im of this same opinion and find that those who like LGC's will continue to like them, those who weren't into them or had disdain towards them during 90's boom, will always find something to say to detract from them.

    Thank you for the review Rob, as a regular LGC consumer, I do like the R series but as other have mentioned, the extra large ring gauge is a put off for me. If they just made them in a normal RG or a corona version, I think the flavors would be absolutely amazing.
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