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Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego" Review

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    Full grown Puffer Fish bigman's Avatar


    Thumbs up Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego" Review

    Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Ok, so last night when I got home from work, it was only an 8 hour day, so I had some extra time before I wanted to go to bed, so I decided that the smoke of the night would be the Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    First impression is WOW, this thing is huge, itís a Presidente at 9 ľ X 50, and it has a very dark wrapper.

    Upon snipping the end with my Palio, I noticed that it had an almost perfect draw, which surprises me for a cigar of this magnitude. The pre light draw is that of good strong tobacco.

    I light it with my elcheapo torch, it lit very well, and the burn was quite nice which also surprised me due to the 0% humidity in my house.

    I am still not great at picking out all the flavors working together, but from the start to about the half to three quarter mark it was very creamy with an almost nutty taste, and tremendous amounts of smoke for the first quarter, and then again from about half way on. As it continued it picked up a bit of an either woodsy or a mild spicy flavor, but stayed mellow and cool on the pallet. Even at the ĺ inch mark when the stick finally went out it was still fairly cool smoke, with a very creamy/nutty taste, that stayed with me till after breakfast today, I think the salsa on my eggs finally erased the yummy flavor.

    I was very impressed with this cigar, I had heard nothing but good about these, but I was a bit leery when I bought a box on a whim. Iím happy I did, and Iím thinking about buying another box, possibly a different size. The taste was superb, but what surprised me the most was the draw and the fact that it burnt very evenly, and did not need even one relight. I was smoking it kind of fast at times, at the start because of the flavorful smoke getting me excited, and at the end because I had a gun weighting on me to clean it, and I didnít want to risk ruining the smoke with solvent, but even with that it burnt for a little over 3 hours, through two feature movies.

    I would rate this cigar very high on my list of will/want to buy again, the only down side to ďThe EgoĒ you have to plan the day around it, but itís worth it.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Islesfan's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Nice review; have been hearing some nice things about this line. Have to put these at the top of the must try list. One of the smaller one though; sounds like a part time job smoking one of those giants.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Isombitch's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Thanks for the great review!

    I want to try them now. Damn!
    The Dude abides

    "Many a man's reputation would not know his character if they met on the street"

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    This space owned by Puff. Jbailey's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    I did enjoy one of those too. Lasted well over 3 1/2 hours
    good review!

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    Gurkha Whore Big D's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Nice review. Sounds a little milder than the "Freak".
    I was wonderin' when you were going to get around to posting
    a review .
    Looks like you have to PLAN on smoking this one.

    I loves me smokes

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    Full grown Puffer Fish bigman's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Ya, I wanted to post a review/smoke one of these for a wile now, but they have me working 7 days a week, between 9 and 14 hours a day plus I have a total of about 4 hours drive time round trip. So when Iím not at work, Iím either asleep, driving to or from work, or with the little free time I have I was trying to spend with my girlfriend, so itís really cut in to my ability to enjoy any good smokes lately. I just keep telling myself with any luck my counterpart will be back on night shift with me so that we can share some of the overtime, in just four more weeks. Otherwise I may have to reconsider the ďNo Smoking in the New TruckĒ rule that I instated when I bought it. I could almost smoke one of these monsters on the way to work.

    Oh and yes, this did seam to be a fairly flavorful but mild smoke, I figure it has something to do with most of the smoke having to travel ĺ of a foot to get to your mouth.

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    Gurkha Whore Big D's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    I've noticed the Devil's Playground is offering these now. So far the prices have been fair it seems. If you don't mind me asking...where did you get your box from and how much did you pay?? The going rate seems to be about $90.

    I loves me smokes

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    Full grown Puffer Fish bigman's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Famous, they were $89.95 for all sizes, and a freebie table top lighter. As a mater of fact the deal is still going on.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish c-poc's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Nice review... would like to try a few of these
    "El Paso... I spent a month there one night!"

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    Elder Berry Ceedee's Avatar


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego"

    Thanks Bigman! I am a new fan of the MAXX and will look to see if I can get a big "Ego"...at least an Ego cigar!
    I SMOKE cigars.

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    Young Puffer Fish


    Re: Alec Bradley MAXX "The Ego" Review

    I just won 10 of the Egos for $33. I had a Freak last week (first Maxx) on vaca in Charlotte and loved it. $3.30 a stick at auction...perfect. That Freak was $8.99 retail.

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