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Sorry for the M.I.A....

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader MarkC's Avatar


    Sorry for the M.I.A....

    It's been brought to my attention that I haven't been posting lately, so I figure it was time for an explanation. Is usually the case in situations like this, life threw a couple of curve balls. Last fall my father was diagnosed with dementia, and went downhill pretty fast to the point that he didn't even know me. Now, life decided to take a straight shot at me, and I have Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. (My apologies to lurking haters; it's a cancer that has absolutely no relation to smoking or nicotine; I'll try harder next time ). Needless to say, a lot of my time is now taken up by these issues, and I'm afraid I won't be here as much for a while as I normally am.

    Looking at it from this point in time, the cancer just isn't a big deal. They have no idea how long I've got, and I could get run over by a bus tomorrow. In other words, nothing's changed, except for the time I'll have to devote to treatment. I already got slapped upside the head with own mortality with Dad's dementia, so I don't have to go through that. I don't know if my attitude is positive or just a form of denial (my thoughts seem to run along the course of “you wanna f*ck with me? Let's do it; right now!”)

    The only symptoms I have to deal with right now is weakness (doors bug me in particular; you're not supposed to have to push that hard!) and some rib pain. I asked if I'd have to stop working due to chemo and the doctor told me that if I was working now, it shouldn't be a problem, so that's cool.

    I guess what I'm saying it may be time for the “hang in there” or two, but I'll pass on the “gosh that's rough” and “condolences”. Hang on to 'em, though; you never know!

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    Nee "Tashaz" Mante's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    We are with you mate, be well & strive to be happy. Oh btw, HTFU! J/K. Your attitude is correct from where I stand & I hope it's an easy journey for you.

    You can post from a chemo ward you know.
    Refuses to remain the Droid they were all looking for.

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    Midlife crises Puffer mcgreggor57's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Hang in there Mark! My family has some experience with Myeloma.
    Tobacco Cellar: http://www.tobaccocellar.com/mcgreggor57
    Never trust a woman's tears or a dog's limp.

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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish Andrewdk's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Best of luck mate, and never stop fighting (except to either tamp or repack). Drop by and say hi when you can.
    The land of milk and honey, a safe haven and the last bastion of freedom - http://www.tobaccocellar.com/andrewdk

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    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Praying for you, brother. Kick it's ass. Keep on fighting. We're all here for you, Mark.

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    My cat's Chief of Staff El wedo del milagro's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Sending you positive energy from northern New Mexico!

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    Leading Puffer Fish


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Wishing the best for you and your family Bro. Let us know if you need a slap upside the head to cheer you up.

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    Full grown Puffer Fish Ortiz's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Hang in there brother, kick the big C's @$$!

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    Sons of Apathy Hermit's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Damn! Sorry to hear that.
    Good luck!

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    Dosidicus Pipa Desertlifter's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Actually, I was one of those wondering what you were up to - although I hadn't thought to ask about it.

    Kick C's ass, and keep in touch.
    Pro Patria Vigilans................... My tobacco cellar

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes Blue_2's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    I've got a good friend going through something similar, but he's doing fine. Fight the good fight!

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    Pipe Smokin' Piranha DSturg369's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    You can beat this Mark! ... I did. Prayer up for you and good thoughts headed your way!

    Never Give Up - Never Surrender!

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    "Keeping it lit" fiddlegrin's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Your the Man Mark!
    Thanks for the "heads up" and your fine example of facing life "head on".

    You Rock!
    "What Could be Finer, than a Spanish Cedar Liner?"

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    Smoking makes me go Poo! Shemp75's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Stay strong no matter what bro!

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader MarkC's Avatar


    Re: Sorry for the M.I.A....

    Thanks, guys! I should have posted that a week or two ago, but didn't want to be a downer on the board. One good thing, with the shoe on the other foot, I realize that my usual "I don't know what to say, but hang in there!" is perfectly acceptable. Just knowing you have people in your corner makes a big difference!

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