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Where did the time go???

This is a discussion on Where did the time go??? within the The Official Puff Pipers Non-Pipe Related Banter Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I'm sitting here tonight about ready to load up with University Flake with a little PA to cut the harshness ...

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    Where did the time go???

    I'm sitting here tonight about ready to load up with University Flake with a little PA to cut the harshness and add to the burn. My eyes are still glazed; after a 13 year long sabbatical I have once again taken up my studies, to finish my degree in the now dead field of print media. I quit school in a rant of frustration, yes there were building concerns of getting deployed to Bosnia back then, but the final straw was not finding a commuter parking space. I took two empty red (faculty) spots, parked the truck sideways and dropped the classes right then and there. My road took some interesting turns then, as that was the fall of 2000. I went through EMT classes, fell in love with it, took paramedic and fire classes. My career has crashed several times, due to deployments (Weekend warrior my foot!) and personality clashes. I've worked as a paramedic and firefighter, seeing some of the greatest highs and lows. I've delivered a baby, and called many a code. I've charged headlong into burning houses, and then lost it when I was handed the responsibility of others. I couldn't bring myself to risk others as much as I would myself. I've switched from firefighting, now to one of my original goals, law enforcement. I now have a 12 year old son, and a rarity, a wife who has stood by me for this long, as I struggle to figure out what I'm doing "when I grow up."
    And so, I return to my studies, a little older, a little more patient with the frustrations of scholastic studies, such as taking 5 attempts and 24 hours to download an e-textbook. Working a full schedule, limits my time for classes. But slowly and surely, I'll finish this. So, if anybody needs a newspaper reporter in a couple of years, look me up!
    I gotta start posting more...

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    Re: Where did the time go???

    Newspaper...newspaper...I seem to remember something by that name...

    But seriously, good luck. Just remember, it's the journey, not the destination, and it sounds like you're having an interesting trip!

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    Dosidicus Pipa Desertlifter's Avatar


    Re: Where did the time go???

    College is my binky.

    Quality takes time - why rush it? My first bachelor's took longer than most post-doc degrees. No worries!
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