shops i frequent in columbus area :

Barclay tobacco : federated drive, dublin/columbus area (very nice people working here, great place to sit and enjoy a smoke with a wide range of selection including my favortie - tatuaje's)

Stoggies and stix : dublin (has more of the harder to find stix in columbus , tatuaje, eo601, pepins....just more high end sticks and small batch sticks)

Timba cigar: powell ( a great place to smoke with a huge smoking room, very nice selection in here with an awesome 2 room humidor , always find something here to smoke)

Smokers haven : downtown columbus ( more built for the pipe smoker, lots and lots of pipe tobac, and lots and lots of pipes, they even make there own, not much of a choice in cigars but they do have some good ones and plans to get bigger, if you smoke pipes..this is your place)

Tinder box : tuttle area in dublin , (tinderbox has everything, the one in dublin has great people working there and just about everything your looking can never go wrong at tinderbox..huge racks of lighters / accessories, so many goood gooood cigars.)

these are the shops ive been to more than once