I know this is a lil off topic but other than my love for cigars i have a love for my American Bulldog.I bought my bulldog from a breeder in Ohio the name is Small town American Bulldogs.When i got mine i met many of puppies and we have come to find out that One has been stollen from its owner.we are not sure if it is still in the state of ohio so Anyone in sorrounding state please keep on a look out.


Please and thank you to everyone for keeping the look out if you have seen this pup either contact them or contact me better yet do Both that way i know i had a hand in helping. if you contact the breed let them know Dustin From SD sent you and you think you might know where this loving bulldog might be.

MODS I know this has nothing to do with Cigars but i am just trying to help out some friends and didn't know where to place this thread.There is alot of popl in the ohio area and around on this forum so i am just looking for same help