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Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching)

This is a discussion on Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching) within the The Pipe Hobby How-To Discussion Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I used the oxy clean/magic eraser method in this thread on several estate pipes I have with vulcanite stems. It ...

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    Re: Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching)

    I used the oxy clean/magic eraser method in this thread on several estate pipes I have with vulcanite stems. It worked wonders. Most of the stems were white after a 45 minute or so soak in warm oxy clean water, and the magic eraser did great job of removing the oxidation brought to the surface. I rubbed some olive oil in, then wiped it off a little while later, and they all look as good as new.

    I did have an issue with the magic eraser removing the metallic from the Savinelli logo on a couple of stems, but some metallic paste like this fixed that issue:

    Amazon.com: Rub N' Buff 1/2oz Antique Gold: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

    In the future, I will probably get some stem oil made especially for pipes.
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    Re: Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching)

    Murphy oil soap. all natural and will remove any build up what so ever. I had a pipe I got off my Great Grandfather that was backed up so bad, it wasn't funny. Soaked it over night and ran through with warm water the next day. very easy. Safe for wood as well. Doesn't take much, I'd say about half a shot glass of soap to 2 cups of water.
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    Re: Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny_Jo View Post
    Hi everyone.
    Can someone tell me how to clean the pipe stem?
    I am not referring to a "big cleaning project" which require bleaching and buffing.
    I want to know how to clean the pipe after/before smoking to make sure the stem is clean and sterilized.


    soap and water. Than air dry.
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    Re: Cleaning pipe stem (not bleaching)


    Don't worry so much about it. I just run blow any ash out of the stem and run a pipe cleaner in and out of the bowl after a smoke, stem in situ. If I have one to hand and can be bothered. Often I don't. Pipes that get used two or three times in a day will probably get a more thorough clean once a week or so. That just means that I remove the stem and scrub away with the pipe cleaner more. Two or three pipe cleaners usually do the trick. Sometimes a bristle one. The bowl gets a scrub down the bore. The dirty cleaners are doubled up and the less filthy middle section is waggled around to clean in the mortice. Reassemble, and a quick wipe with a clean rag. Done.

    I like to leave a pipe as undisturbed as possible. Every time a stem is removed you risk breakage and eventual loosening. Pipes, like toilets, do not need to be kept germ free. I intend to put one in my germy gob and smoke it. The other... (Don't get these two confused.)

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