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Topping off a bowl?

This is a discussion on Topping off a bowl? within the The Pipe Hobby How-To Discussion Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I once continued to top off a bowl for an entire 200 mile road trip, in an effort to build ...

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    Re: Topping off a bowl?

    I once continued to top off a bowl for an entire 200 mile road trip, in an effort to build up some cake. Used only PA the whole way, and didn't knock out any ash. It worked phenomenally. I also got really good at loading my pipe while traveling at high rates of speed.

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    Re: Topping off a bowl?

    Quote Originally Posted by freestoke View Post
    Most of my posts containing recommendations tend toward returning to ol' timey smoking, ie, same pipe or two all day (although a different pipe tomorrow). I have smoked one bowl after another in the same pipe and lived to tell the tale! I'm in the "semi-clean pipe" school and run a pipe cleaner through after every smoke and try to clean it with alcohol before putting it away if I've smoked it all day -- I sometimes skip the alcohol operation, sloven that I am. I'm not a big believer in packing technique for everyday smoking, either, about the only rule being don't pack it too tight; pretty much anything works as long as you can easily suck air through it. Relax! The longer you smoke a pipe the easier it gets. There's not a lot to learn that you can't figure out by trial and error.
    Nice to see a post like this one. I'm a long term pipe smoker (30 years plus with a gap just long enough to miss out on stockpiling any Edgeworth Sliced - do I qualify?) and I sometimes feel as if people are getting a bit precious about things pipe related. It used to be a "Habit" - now it's a "Hobby"... All the paraphernalia and ritual is great fun, but the basics are, well, basic. You are sucking smoke from smoldering leaves up a tube and things get messy and stinky. I believe the famous Dunhill Inner Tube was a reaction to "habit" of people never running a pipe cleaner through their pipes (I understood that these devices pretty much post date the Inner Tube) and their equally famous burn through guarantee was a reaction to the likelihood of that happening to "ordinary" pipes when smoked repeatedly without cooling or resting. Fine for inexpensive, workaday pipes; a financial disaster with a Dunhill. I've often heard sage advice on the correct thickness for cake, yet most of the estate pipes I buy and restore look as if they have never been cleaned or reamed at all. They do, however, bear the marks of long honest and reliable service. Huzzah!

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    Re: Topping off a bowl?

    Quote Originally Posted by ten08 View Post
    One evening, I set my pipe down with about 1/4 of a bowl of LBF left over. The next morning, I knew I'd have time for a full bowl. The pipe was completely cool by then, of course. I was in the mood for PA, but instead of scooping out the remaining LBF, I tapped the ash out, and topped off the bowl with the PA. It smoked without any difficulty, and I didn't notice anything odd about the flavor. I rather enjoyed the sudden transition when I reached the LBF at the bottom.

    Is there anything wrong with combining fresh and burnt tobacco like this?
    OUTRAGEOUS! You should be stripped of insignia, sword snapped and drummed out! I've read to the bottom of this thread now and thankfully the general opinion seems to be against me... The biggest secret has at last been revealed. There are no secrets. Do as you please and you'll probably get away with it; maybe even enjoy it.

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    Re: Topping off a bowl?

    Quote Originally Posted by freestoke View Post
    Take my word for it, other pipe smokers will be more than happy just to see another pipe smoker, no matter how you're handling your equipment. Offhand, I can't think of a less critical sport than pipe smoking.
    I can help you there friend. Cigarette smoking.......wait nvm......

    I change my answer to riding a carousel.
    "The pipe gives a wise man time to think, and a fool something to stick in his mouth." My puny cellar http://www.tobaccocellar.com/Dr.%20Plume

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