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Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

This is a discussion on Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking? within the The Pipe Hobby How-To Discussion Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Hello to everyone on the forum, The title of this thread pretty much explains the query i have. Oftentimes when ...

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    Newbie in the ocean


    Red face Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    Hello to everyone on the forum,

    The title of this thread pretty much explains the query i have. Oftentimes when I'm smoking, the tobacco 'crackles' with each draw. This seems to be more of a problem with smoking from clays than my briar. Is this a common phenomenon, or am I doing something wrong? I wondered if perhaps I wasn't packing thee bowl tightly enough...being new to the practice, I'll admit I'm a little wary of packing (I use the 'three pack method') my pipe too tight for fear of suffocating the embers,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    On another note, do any other members design their own tobacco tins? I'm currently working on a Russian Orthodox saint image tin, painted onto an old renovated tin of my grandad's from his smoking days. Next up I hope to create a tin picturing a Japanese ghost....anyway just wondering if it was me who extended their hobby to such silly lengths.

    Happy smoking, and nice to meet you all,


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    Puffer Fish with some spikes Old_Salt's Avatar


    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    most likely it's the moisture turning into steam, try letting the tobacco air out for 20 to 30 min before loading up your pipe

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    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    Just combustion...nothin' to worry about. You can try packin' tighter...you'll get the hang of it th longer you do it. I pack my pipes pretty tight and don't suffer from re-lightitis. And nope, never thought of custom tins but I hope you enjoy yours. Welcome to Puff!

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    Cigar Artist DarrelMorris's Avatar


    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    I'd love to see pictures of your customized tins.

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    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    Sometimes stuff sizzles and crackles and pops when it's on fire. Nothing to worry about, perfectly normal. You notice it more if you are smoking in a very quiet area.

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes


    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    I occasionally have a crackle when I puff to hard and deep, like when i'm really enjoying a tobacco and make the mistake of trying to pull even more of it's flavor over my tongue. It's no big deal as long as you don't puff to the point where your pipe gets hot. Oh, when I am trying to peck out small flavor nuances such as when smoking a virginia i'll open my mouth slightly when pulling smoke in and mix 1/2 air from outside with 1/2 smoke from the pipe to play over my tongue It really brings out the more delicate flavors.
    Copy that above, i'm really interested in the tins you mentioned and would love to see some pictures of them if you can.
    The best cigar I ever smoked will be the next one I try.

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    Re: Tobaccoo Crackling Whilst Smoking?

    Oh balls, this thread reply function is really infuriating. Just wrote a long reply which included a link, and of course it wouldn't let me post it.

    So let's keep it short and sweet. Thanks sincerely for everyone who's posted so far. Crackling issue is much improved; tighter packing seemed to help.

    I also wanted to thank the poster who mentioned taking a small breath of air before inhaling - certainly can taste the flavour much better!

    Also a big thanks to the posters who expressed an interest in seeing my DIY tins. Perhaps this thread could move in the direction of modded tins - unfortunately I don't have a camera, so can't post pictures, which doesn't get the tin mod idea off to a good start! I painted the japanese ghost (Yanagai Yurei in Kanji I believe, but may be wrong). As I can't post links, if anyone's interested, the image is the second hit on google image search.

    Anyway, happy smoking all,

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