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A novice question.

This is a discussion on A novice question. within the The Pipe Hobby How-To Discussion Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; How long should you let a pipe rest after smoking it?...

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    A novice question.

    How long should you let a pipe rest after smoking it?

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    Re: A novice question.

    Until it's not tired anymore

    Sorry, old joke. The purpose of "resting" a pipe between smokes is to give it time to dry out. As you smoke condensation, the moisture in your breath and moisture in the tobacco all form to cause what we call "gurgle" which is moisture build up. It can also cause a pipe and the tobacco to taste bitter. Different pipes have different requirements, for instance a meerchaum almost never needs any resting.
    I try to smoke a different pipe each day and sometimes two different pipes a day. But in between each smoke i'll ream it with a pipe cleaner until it comes out dry and free of residue. I usually smoke between 2-5 bowls a day depending on whether I smoked a cigar that day or how much free time I have. So I guess i'm trying to say, get to know your pipe(s) if it starts to gurgle and taste bitter then rest it for a day or so.
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    Re: A novice question.

    Thanks, that was very helpful. I've been looking around and I've heard a lot of different opinions like "wait until it's cold", minimum 12 hours, 24hours, 36hours and so on.

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    Re: A novice question.

    Quote Originally Posted by longburn View Post
    Different pipes have different requirements, for instance a meerchaum almost never needs any resting.
    There are tales of people paying others (often the story has it as soldiers on sentry duty. Long ago... That dog won't hunt these days.) to keep their meerschaum on the go continually for weeks or months to give it a good, even colour. They don't need rest, for sure, but you need to be careful not to gouge them when cleaning after a smoke. The material goes soft.

    For briar pipes, I'd advise "As long as you can afford to". Having a rotation of pipes is a luxury that is a feature of the modern hobby rather than the habit of long ago. Even using pipe cleaners on a pipe is a rather modern invention as I understand it. The famous Dunhill "inner Tube" was, I'm told, a way of easily refreshing or at least unblocking a pipe in the days before this became common practice. However, as with many good stories, it's not necessarily true.

    A well "rested" (read - "dried") briar pipe simply performs better. I'd be interested in any experiences people have of an accelerated drying process like gentle heating or, more technologically, vacuum drying.

    If you really want a pipe that needs no rest, go for an estate "the pipe" by Targuard (and under other names) or "Venturi" model. Not to everyone's taste, they do smoke differently, but the plastic body with pyrolytic graphite liner (none for the Venturi) needs no rest ever. Cleans in a dishwasher, too. No really. I've done it. They come in a variety of attractive (and garish) colours.
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