I have several questions re: pipe smoking. I've been smoking my Briars for about a year now. I love them. I generally smoke flake virginias. I notice that I sometimes get a variety of nice flavors when I'm smoking my favorite blends in my Briar. However, when I try a cob, there is not much flavor. This is, I guess, the "pure" tobacco experience people talk about. So, is the flavor coming from the briar? If so, is it likely to change as my pipe ages? Or can I always count on getting flavor if my pipe is properly taken care of? Do meerschaums replicate this pure, somewhat flavorless, experience of the cobs? If so, why do people want them? So, what do mortas and olive wood pipes do for the flavor? One more question on a totally different subject (sorry). I bought a big tin of Reiner Golden Flake. It's getting drier and drier. However, it seems that some people suggest that dryness is relative and that it's really too wet to begin with. With these airtight tins (like reiner and others with plastic sealed tops) do people worry about drying tobacco? Or does the tobacco retain it's flavor unless it's super dry? Is it a mistake to add a small humidity packet for a day or so inside the tin? Do I really need to start jarring my tobaccos? Or is a little relative dryness OK.
Thanks for the patience with all these questions. I appreciate any comments.