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Trouble with the pack

This is a discussion on Trouble with the pack within the The Pipe Hobby How-To Discussion Forum forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I have found Cobs do not burn evenly around the perimeter. I use the the 3 step pack on them ...

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    Crafty Puffer madbricky's Avatar


    Re: Trouble with the pack

    I have found Cobs do not burn evenly around the perimeter. I use the the 3 step pack on them with a 4th pack being the very first one used to cover the stem opening in the bowl. Its about a 1/4 inch of baccy that does not get smoked and is left in over several pipes full. It keeps the ash away from me and let's me pack a little lost on the first two tamps. My last pinch is enough to take the fill from half way to filled up and gets packed as firm enough to give me a decent draw. I was shown how firm by touching your thumb to the ring finger and feeling the top thumb muscle between the index and thumb. This is also medium rare on steaks too. Lol

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    Re: Trouble with the pack

    After a couple more months of practice, I'm finding that I was definitely packing too tight. I've backed off on the 3-stage method, and just do 2 (with maybe a fill-and-level on the larger pipes), and right now that seems to work better for me. It's letting me focus more on slowing down, since I'm not having to relight as often due to the pipe going out from lack of oxygen...

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    Re: Trouble with the pack

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkC View Post
    This is going to be no help at all, but all the advice I ever heard for loading a pipe didn't help me at all. There are various techniques, and they all work, but the key to success is just plain old experience. Once you develop a feel for the tobacco, it'll be something you can do mindlessly. Until you reach that point, it'll be a pain. The only advice I can use with your technique is to test the draw at each step, realizing that the early steps should be rather light on the draw, with a more solid draw progressively with each level.

    And quit 'cleaning the ash off the top'; it's unnecessary and usually detrimental to the smoking experience. Unless you're trying to relight a bowl and just can't get the flame to the tobacco through the ash, it's unnecessary.
    Perfect advice. No advice can beat experience and nothing builds this more than getting things wrong repeatedly. It will become second nature eventually.

    RG is warranted, but I'm unable to bump you at the moment...
    "Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level." - Quentin Crisp

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    Re: Trouble with the pack

    Things have been working themselves out better lately, it really did help to get a feel for how different types of tobacco 'worked' ribbon vs flake vs cake vs chunks etc. now instead of 1 in 20 pack being halfway decent, I've gotten to a point where 5 of ten are acceptable, with 1 or 2 in 10 being really great.

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    Re: Trouble with the pack

    I do not have much to add upon all the great info in this thread, but I will give it a shot. I usually let my tobacco dry out to a manageable point if it is a moist baccy, that way the lite is easy and it helps with keeping the bowl lit. I then take a small bunch and ball it up or squish it up and load it in the bottom, and then follow with gravity loading twice. This way it creates an airy pocket or void at the bottom. I find this helps with keeping the bowl going, and helping to eliminate a good amount of tobacco from becoming dottle. Along with allowing for an easy draw, even tamped down a good amount the draw seems to remain open.

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