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Erinmore Flake

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    Reformed Cig Addict Natedogg's Avatar


    Erinmore Flake


    From tin:

    The leaf tobaccos for Erinmore are selected from only premium tobacco growing regions of the world. The blend consists of mature Virginia, mellow Burley, and sweet dark air cured tobaccos. It is pressed into cakes, aged and cut into slices providing a mellow and cool smoke with a flowery and fruity note.
    In the tin

    The flakes are smaller, square flakes and are slightly oily and slightly moist. The tin note is fruity with a bit of natural tobacco smell.

    In the pipe

    Because itís oily, it doesnít rub out as easily as other flakes. I would compare it to IF in this regard. It packs nicely, and is a bit difficult to light. It doesnít expand much when lighting and I didnít have to do a charring light, just a long, drawn out light. It burns warm in the bowl and is a slightly warm smoke.

    The experience

    For the most part, the description on the tin is spot on. At the beginning of the bowl I get mostly sweet and fruity, but the finish caught me by surprise. I had to check myself because it was such a familiar flavor, and it was the flavor of a stout beer (like Guinness). As the bowl went on the stout finish went away and the tobacco lightened up a bit and gave me sweet and fruity with a very, very light floral to it. The burley gives it a natural note underneath it all. As the bowl progresses it continues to get lighter. It delivers a medium-sized nicotine hit.

    The funny thing is, I was smoking a bowl of McConnell Scottish Cake on the way home from work yesterday and the whole while I was thinking ďMy God the VA in this is so perfectly sweet and fruity, I wish I could find a tobacco that delivers just that.Ē Not that thereís anything wrong with Scottish Cake because itís perfect in its own way. Well Erinmore Flake got pretty damn close to that taste of VA I wanted.

    All-in-all, this is a wonderful smoke that will be excellent for those cool, Spring evenings that are coming in the not so distant future. I will be buying more of this, lots more, and for the price, you canít beat it.
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    Puffer Fish with some spikes El Gringo's Avatar


    Re: Erinmore Flake

    Nice review! I too have to order more of this.

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    he that puffeth RJpuffs's Avatar


    Re: Erinmore Flake

    Its been a while since I've tried this one. Personally - I found it to have the aroma of fresh baking bread, not tobacco. A little disconcerting, I think this one qualifies as a love-it-or-hate-it blend
    Ron aka RJ aka RJPuffs
    Old age isn't too bad, when you consider the alternative.

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    Sot-weed Bohemian freestoke's Avatar


    Re: Erinmore Flake

    Just cracked a tin of this yesterday and four bowls later I have to say I LOVE it! Great stuff!

    Nice review, Nate!
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    Leading Puffer Fish Jeff10236's Avatar


    Re: Erinmore Flake

    Great review, I've been thinking about trying this stuff and I think your review has put me a step closer. After I smoke up a few other things I'll have to give it a try.

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    Young Puffer Fish ChrisD's Avatar


    Re: Erinmore Flake

    I really need to get a tin of this

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