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Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

This is a discussion on Jaders journey into the newbie sampler within the Pipe Related Reviews forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Awesome tip, thanks Bryan!....

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Awesome tip, thanks Bryan!.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Quote Originally Posted by shannensmall View Post
    If you ever accidentally over dry a single portion of baccy like this again. Best thing to do is to go ahead and pack it in the pipe. Then put your mouth over the bowl and blow through the pipe. The moisture from your lungs will rehydrate that portion in 2 seconds flat.
    I learned that trick from my buddy.

    He likes to mix things with his tobacco, and by tobacco, I mean black and milds.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    ...and by "things" you mean

    ha! Brass Monkey wrappers, FTW!

    /back to topic

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Quote Originally Posted by jader View Post
    Awesome tip, thanks Bryan!.
    I should have said Shannen here, I apologize.

    No updates today, as last night was Shamrock day so it was to the pub directly after work, and the smoke I had on the way home would have got me in here for smoking those horrible gunky aromatics...But dang I like the flavor.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Smoke what you like, like what you smoke. That's the only rule!

    But try as many as you can. You never know what's gonna rock your world. (Hrmm, that sounds suspiciously like my maxim regarding women...)

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    Re: Benningtons #24

    Quote Originally Posted by jader View Post
    Last night i did not have time to dry out the Dans Blue note, so I decided to try out another tobacco that I had received from my only true pipe store around:

    Benningtons No. 24, Baffra - Kentucky White Burley is gently hand-blended with a richer Georgian cube cut burley, then lightly laced with Cyprus Latakia and St. James Perique. Topped off with 100% pure Old Belt Virginia, this mixture is a pleasant change for both English and Aromatic pipe

    I have to say that this tobacco was not that appealing to me. I will try this at different dryness levels, but overall it was a bit more harsh than I like. I really enjoy pulling some sweetness from the smoke, but this did not seem to have any in it. If I were to have to describe it, I would say it reminded something of a stale folgers coffee mixed with a turkish coffee. This stuff had a habit of making my mouth really salivate. Once a good mucous membrane was formed in my mouth, the tastes became a bit more enjoyable to me, but as soon as I would swallow a sip of water I had to start over. I should have put the bowl down after the first 5 minutes, but since i am in the break in cycle, I wanted to smoke it all the way down.

    I am sure for people that enjoy the English and latakia blends, this would have been good. Simply put, I am just not there yet, and may never be considering I never got to liking maduro cigars.

    On a side note, I noticed the Dan's blue note is cut in longer ribbons, should I cut these up, or stuff them in the bowl as is?
    First off, just finally getting read through this thread. Very cool! I've enjoyed it.

    Second, on the Benningtons, I've never tried this one but with all those burleys and no virginia, I'll be it was a pretty strong nic hit as well. Latakia can be a fickle friend at times. Have to treat her right to get the best from her. The perique may have been the cause of some of the harshness as well. If there's a lot of it, you can really get peppery.

    Third, Dan's Blue Note was one that I'd decided to put on my "do not try" list. But now, after reading your review and having tried several of the other Dan's, I'm passing legislation to remove it from that list.

    Keep this up! I'm enjoying it immensely!
    It was.....well, let's just say it was.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Glad you are enjoying Dave!

    So I went over my list that Bryan gave me and realized I missed the McClellands 2035. The smell from the bag was exactly what Bryan mentioned, a raisin smell. This flake was dark and sticky, so I took some time to rub it out, and let it sit out for about 3/4 hour on the paper, then probably another 45 minutes in the pipe while i put the kids to bed. I decided to do a full bowl since the wife was out with the ladies. In hind sight, maybe just a little bit longer drying time would have been better, but I only had a couple of relights, and one was intentional about 1/2 down the bowl I let it go out.

    I had a preconceived notion that Navy flakes were pretty thick, but I found this to be a nice smooth smoke, with a really nice sweetness to it with that hint dried fruit flavor. It was a good smoke, and not over powering at all. I have tended away from trying these blends with alcohol, but tonight i decided to have a little Jameson on the rocks, and the two seemed to pair wonderfully.

    Overall, I found this a pleasant smooth medium bodied and sweet smoke and am looking forward to trying other Navy flakes.

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    While smoking tonight, I started wondering why sometimes I am able to better taste and enjoy smoking then others. Of course there are a lot of variables, but as I am moving forward in my pipe smoking, I am drying tobacco and able to keep the bowl lit for longer periods, so some variables are lessening.

    Before I go on, let me start by saying that I do snork, and would say that I do it most of the time. I read about it before I ever put the pipe to my mouth and as a very long time tobacco igniter, this is pretty much built into the way I smoke. For those that are not familiar with snorking, I suggest to do a bit of searching on the subject. Remember its snorking not snorkeling.

    Back to my original intent, I realized that I generally enjoy the flavors of the smoke while reading. I set out to find out why, by doing some reading during my bowl. I decided to read a bit more on snorking then trying out different techniques. Things like swallowing the smoking, exhahiling 80/20 through mouth, alternating between nose and mouth, etc...

    What I found is that I get the most flavor, coolest smoke and overall enjoyment by simpling doing what is natural to me when I read. My technique when doing this is simple, I usually keep the pipe in mouth the entire time during exhale. During my inhale, I usually inhale through my nose, stop inhaling then starting to draw in the smoke. The draw is pretty slow, then I start slowly exhaling/pushing the smoke out of both my nose and my mouth at the same time. This last part being the key, nose and mouth at the same time. During the exhale I still have the stem of the pipe in my mouth, and neither the smoke out of my mouth or my nose is preferred or forced, I basically just let it roll out nice and slowly. I think keeping the pipe in my mouth forces me to let it roll out slowly, as I dont really want to exhale through the pipe. I will be trying to polish this technique, mainly so that I can get the same enjoyment with or without the pipe in my mouth.

    Thats it, but I figured I would right this down for others that may be new, or trying to find their way. Maybe this will change in the future, but for now its definitely my go to way. One last note, I find that every couple minutes or so I will have to take a couple of deliberate big smokes to keep the cherry going nicely.

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    Pipesandcigars.com Anniversary Cake

    Tonights smoke was Pipesandcigars.com Anniversary Cake, a VaPer.

    I found that this smoke still had the smoothness expected from a VA blend, but was a little stronger. The sweetness came through if I held my tongue a little up when drawing the smoke in. If you read my last post, I mentioned snorking. Before I started my reading during the bowl, I noticed my nose definitely tingled a bit more than with some of the blends. When reading, I found others mention that Periques are notorious for this. Its always amazing to me when I read something that backs up my initial findings, almost like I am doing something right

    Anyway, this was a good smoke, I did not find it all that complex, but the bolder taste with the sweetness makes me think that this will be a nice type of tobacco to smoke when I am not trying to pull out every nuance of flavor from the bowl.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Snorking is automatic for me as well. I too find that is the only way to get all the flavor out of the smoke.

    These are very encouraging reports I'm reading here! Sounds like you aren't "fighting" things and letting the smoke be your guide. You're on your way!

    Now, just try another 3,000 blends and you call this little hobby "DONE"!

    In regards to "Navy" flakes, there are so many variations that call themselves by this name. Some have latakia, some have rum, some have Cdre. Potter's facial hair trimmings...

    Anyhoo, the #2035 is merely a dark stoved virigina. Stoving (like coffee roasting) will reduce the amount of nicotine in a tobacco while converting starches to sugars.

    So your tastes and impressions are right on the mark!

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    A.C. Peterson Escudo

    Friday evening's smoke was A.C. Peterson Escudo, in my newly won Savinelli bull dog.

    Knowing that these were spun cut coins, but not knowing what "coins" actually were, I was really anticipating the opening of the bag. I expected them to be thick gooey and hard to rub out. But they were just about the opposite of that, the ribbons rubbed apart very easily and the tobacco was not gooey at all. I spent a few minutes rubbing these out, and then let them dry for about 1/2 hour. The smell from the bag was not super fruity, not too strong, just a pleasant tobacco smell with something I could not put my finger on.

    Once I lit up the bowl, I found it to be a pleasant smoke. The perique, or at least the flavor of it, seemed to come out more the other VaPers. The sweetness of the VA lingered but was not very pronounced. I could taste it from time to time, as a compliment and not a main flavor. During the smoke I had a few different flavors, one of was the dried fruit, but not so much raisin as maybe dried plum. I also was pulling a citrus type flavor every now and again.

    Anyway, good smoke and I am thinking that next time i will try to smoke it in the coin form, pushing it in the bowl? Any thoughts?

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Sure, coins can use the "Fold and Stuff" method. You can also cut it into small cubes (cube cut) with a knife.

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    Re: Jaders journey into the newbie sampler

    Thanks Blue, I will give it a try.

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    Re: A.C. Peterson Escudo

    Quote Originally Posted by jader View Post
    Anyway, good smoke and I am thinking that next time i will try to smoke it in the coin form, pushing it in the bowl? Any thoughts?
    As long as they are not too dry, flakes cannonball great. The cannonball has become my preferred flake load for many flakes.
    Vegetarian -- that's an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter". -- Andy Rooney

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    McClelland Frog Morton across the Pond Frog Morton

    McClelland Frog Morton across the Pond:

    Last night was my first sampler into English blends. I had smoked one bowl of another English before, which I did not really like. Needless to say my expectation of enjoyment was very low.

    When I opened the bag, I thought wow, this aroma is pretty nice. Not spicy like some of the others, but still very pleasant. I decided that the tobacco was only slightly on the side of wet, so I figured I would only dry it out for a few minutes. Next time I will dry it out for the 30 minutes just to see the difference.

    Going back to expectations, when I lit up the bowl I was just waiting for that sharp and strong, almost knoxious taste from the latakia. Instead, I was greeted by a comfortable, almost recognizable taste of a VA. There was a sweetness and smoothness to the tobacco that was delightful. After the bowl settled in, I found the change morphed into a pleasing smoke that could only be described as mossy or forest-esque. The bowl, once again morphing into something else, where the smoke itself tasted almost invisible (I know its not a taste) that left a pleasant after thought of what I would note as how cinnamon sugar would smell (Think the essence of big red gum). Throughout the bowl, I found it smooth, with only the occasional spicy bite from what I suppose is the latakia. I now understand why people have a hard time snorking VaPers and Aro's which really bite, this stuff really did not bite my nose at all. Finally, I realized how cool my bowl was, even though the tobacco was somewhat wet from my lack of drying time.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this tobacco. The different flavors and tastes that were offered were great. I have a feeling I will be purchasing a tin of this soon.

    HOWEVER, there is something called a WAF or "Wife acceptance factor" that is very important to me. Unfortunately, my wife did not like the smell of this and asked me to go back to the other tobaccos in the clear bags (She thought this was one of the free tins I got the other night). Now you see, while I smoke outside, I still do not want my wife to dislike the smell of me afterwards. Also, one of the main reasons I took up pipe smoking was that the room note was not offensive to guests during our various nights of hanging out with neighbors outside. Long story short, this will have to be the type of smoke I do when no one is around, and the wife is out and about.

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