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G & H Ennerdale Flake

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    G & H Ennerdale Flake

    So, after my encounter with the Lakeland Brickle of Doom I was not sure whether I would ever get the taste out of my mouth, but when my EPS (Freestoke) included a sample of Ennerdale Flake wrapped in a radioactive tin foil shield, along with a written warning I felt compelled to give it a second shot.

    The bag scent is not bad, definitely flowery, and brings to mind downy laundry soap, but not necessarily in a bad way. The flakes are a little rough looking and longer than most flakes I smoke. The tobacco itself felt a little bit oily, but not overly moist. Folded and stuffed into the proverbial sacrificial cob that has only been used a couple times.

    After a charring light and tamp it lit quite nicely and seemed to stay burning well. Initial notes are delivering virtually no tobacco, but tons of the floral essence. Early on it remind me of Earl Grey tea, which makes me think that lavender may be an element of this “Lakeland” flavor. The flowery notes keep coming fairly strong, and about ¼ of the way down I started to taste the citrus behind the flowers.

    Shortly after it appeared the citrus picked up a sour note that did not agree with me. The sour lemon taste with the powerful florals was leaving a taste in my mouth and I never really could draw much of a tobacco taste, although I read it is VA based with some burley. Before the halfway point I had enough, and dumped the rest of the bowl.

    I guess I am just not a fan of “Lakeland”. It is a taste I had misidentified early on, but think I have a pretty good idea what it represents now. I can see how someone might find it pleasing, and walking through the house afterwards I had to ask someone “Is that laundry smell from me?”. Turns out it was, so the room note is nice in a clean house kind of way, but not something I would smoke very often if at all. I may revisit it down the road at some point to see if my opinion changes, but this is not going to be in my rotation any time soon.

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    Re: G & H Ennerdale Flake

    Excellent review on a very, very difficult subject - the archetypal Lakeland blend, Ennerdale.
    I sure like those French fried taters. Mmm jhmm.

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