I bought this about 2 months ago. Once again, I left it just in the bag this long sitting on top of the microwave. So either these bags are the absolute best bags ever or this has a lot of PG in it because it was still almost too moist to smoke. Smells good though.

I tried to smoke a bowl of this a few days ago but put it in the Dr G that I smoked "the mixture" and good grief that crap ghosts horribly. Threw that pipe out and this time tried it in another pipe I use for aros.

It took a little bit to get it to light. But once I did it stayed lit very well. Honestly, I have to say this really isn't too bad. It definitely had chocolate flavors and some mint. Sort of like a weak version of chocolate chip mint ice cream....only hot.....and on fire.....and with smoke.... Anyway, there were flavors similar to Half & Half only more chocolatey. There was that chemical flavor that I associate with PG but it wasn't too horrible. Remarkably this had no bite at all either.

I'd smoke this again. Not often but for an aromatic change.