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Squadron Leader

This is a discussion on Squadron Leader within the Pipe Related Reviews forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; Well, thanks to a very generous sample from owaindav, I was able to get a bead on this before committing ...

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    Squadron Leader

    Well, thanks to a very generous sample from owaindav, I was able to get a bead on this before committing to a larger purchase.

    I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect from this blend - many rave about it, and it commands very high rankings on tobaccoreviews and via word of mouth.

    The bag smell suprised me a little, much less initial latakia than I'd expected, but a plesant mix of raw tobacco scent, with a little underlying smokyness.
    Packing was simple, the transit time had allowed this to dry to a workable level, and allowed a simple light after charring.

    Interestingly, the first few puffs gave me an impression of an almost floral taste/smell, but this quickly moved into the background somewhat. I'm not sure if that was the oriental/turkish tobacco at play.

    As things progressed, I was presented with a rather nice, mild ,and easy to get along with smoke. Lataika was present - but certainly in moderation - a long way from my previously-smoked Westminster. Room note was to my nose plesant - I enjoyed entering the room later, and enjoyed the uncomplicated aroma.

    Flavour wise - this reminded me more of what I'd tried in the past as 'Balkan' blends - not that that is a bad thing! Working through the bowls, the flavours did intensify a little as things burned down, but never got into the 'strong' territory. Nicotine was likewise mild - evident, but totally within reason.

    Oddly enough, I find myself really drawn to this blend - not for bang-zoom flavours, but more for what has become a reliable, easy smoking go-to blend. I've had this in the morning with my coffee, and late at night before bed - it feels easily at home in any situation, and for me at least has become an any-time smoke.

    With that, a couple of boxes are on their way to me from various retailers!

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    The Mad Roofer Zfog's Avatar


    Re: Squadron Leader

    Thanks for the review Giles. I just finished a bowl of SL, it is a steady part of my rotation and is definately great baccy!

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