C&D Interlude in Peterson Shannon 80s

Blender: Craig Tarler

Tin Description: Deep Red Virginia kissed with a touch of honey to develop the natural sweetness of the leaf then sliced into flakes.

Country of Origin: US

Curing Group: Flue Cured

Contents: Virginia

Flavoring: Honey

Cut: Flake

Packaging: 2oz Tin

Blend Notes: Part of the Simply Elegant Series

Opening a new tin with the date of 11/18/10 the aroma is like raisins and honey. The broken flake is very dark compared to the last tin I had which was much younger. Fairly moist so I pulled some of the flake and set out for a few hours on a piece of paper to dry. After drying I rubbed out and loaded the Peterson Shannon 80s bulldog one of my favorite pipes even though I only paid 40.00 new for it.

Room note is the not greatest but then again I donít smoke it for that. Now flavor is isnít going to blow you away but is just what you would expect from a straight red virgina with a touch of honey. It is sweet but not like an aro. I like this blend, their seems to be no bite and the flavor is getting richer deeper in the bowl. The Peterson Pipe isnít getting overly hot and sipping on this blend is very pleasant and relaxing. If your looking for simplicity of a blend this is a good one. The 7 months has done this tin well and I will need to pick up more for aging and will not open one less than 6 months.

4 out of 5 stars.