Hello Everyone,

I had listed some tobacco on ebay that had gotten removed. Some below were never listed because I just found them in my tobacco cabinet.

So Im going to offer it to you all. The prices inculde shipping to the USA email me for a price to your country if you are outside of the USA.

Smokers Haven Krumble Kake, 1- 8oz. package. It is sealed and the tobacco inside is nice and soft, it doesnt feel dried out at all. I got this in 2007 from the Chicago pipe show. The price is $100.00 (Tobaccos from Smokers Haven have been going over $100.00 for the 8oz tins on ebay)

Samuel Gawith Full Virgina Flake 50 gram tin, this is from 2004 and I had purchased this at the Columbus show. I have 2 tins and want $35.00 each

Samuel Gawith Commonwealth mixture I have, 1-50 gram tin 2003, and 3- 50 gram tins 2004. $20.00 each.

1 tin of Ashton Brindle Flake from 2003 50 gram tin. $35.00

6 tins of McClelland OGF Organic grown Flake 50 gram tins The tins are very puffed out. 2002 $35.00 each
I will take offers too on the tobaccos so if you want to email me an offer maybe we can work something out.
You can email me at fixit5561@comcast.net
Thank you