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Destroyed By DanR

This is a discussion on Destroyed By DanR within the Pipe & Tobacco Bombs forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; So I posted in the thread about the October review blend asking if someone would be willing to send a ...

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    Destroyed By DanR

    So I posted in the thread about the October review blend asking if someone would be willing to send a small sample to me in the mail of Lagonda. Dan messaged me saying he would send some at no charge and forced me to choose another blend from his cellar to act as a body guard. I chose Prebyterian and that and Lagonda were all I was expecting. I should have known something was up.

    Well I open my mailbox today and.....

    When I looked down at the carnage I saw a small flat rate box sitting there. Not only did he send me Lagonda and Prebyterian but even more samples and included a Viaje Skull & Bones (my first Viaje) and a My Father (my first as well). Thak you very much! Well played sir and watch out next month.

    I will update with photos in a few hours after class. My school has a no tobacco policy so I can't lay it all out and take a picture right now or even see what all was included haha.

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    Re: Destroyed By DanR

    Here is a picture of the devastation. It looks as though I got the second cigar wrong. I only had a chance to peak inside at school. It is a La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial instead of a My Father.


    G.L. Pease Lagonda
    Presbyterian Mixture
    McClelland Anniversary Blend 2005
    Butera Dark Stoved 2007

    La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial
    Viaje Skull & Bones (I think MOAB?)

    All I can say is wow! You are a very generous brother. This definitely brightens my Monday. I am very excited to try all of these as they are all new to me. Thank you very much Dan!

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    Re: Destroyed By DanR

    Good stuff. It's nice to see that Monthly Tobacco is facilitating some bombs... I hadnít seen very many in a while, I was beginning to think a truce had been declared.
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    Re: Destroyed By DanR

    Excellent damage, Dan - I can almost smell those from here. Good to see another Skull & Bones, which don't show up much these days.

    Enjoy, Tyler.
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    Re: Destroyed By DanR

    I'm glad you like it Tyler. Sorry for the delay getting it out to you.

    The S&B has a little bit of age on it. I bought a few in a group buy from last year (I think it was last year?). The LdC is even older, and it'll surprise you with it's strength - it does me anyways...


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    Re: Destroyed By DanR

    Awesome hit...

    Tyler, I just replaced my mailbox with a new one...I have an extra if you need it! ;-0
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