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Thank you CWL!

This is a discussion on Thank you CWL! within the Pipe & Tobacco Bombs forums, part of the Pipe Smokers Forums category; I've been hit, still reeling… I think I have a concussion… where's my mailbox?... CWL blasted me with some of ...

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    Deviant Gentleman The Mad Professor's Avatar


    Thank you CWL!

    I've been hit, still reeling… I think I have a concussion… where's my mailbox?...

    CWL blasted me with some of the finest tobaccos made, and they are aged to boot!

    I knew I was dealing with the wrong guy. I've seen his TobaccoCellar page - Number One cellared by weight!

    I had asked to BUY a few samples, offering what I thought seemed fair pricing, not trying to mooch! I know HTF blends are smokable gold to some. But CWL wouldn't have none of that, insisting that I pay it forward the Puff way.

    I had inquired about 4 blends. He sent those and another 4 to boot! All with no less than 6 months aging, some up to 18 months! I've never had any of these before and I'm dying to try them ALL now that they are in front of me. I spent a good 15 minutes just sniffing them and comparing back and forth.

    Wow CWL! You sir are a very generous gentleman, and I am very much in your debt! I will indeed pay this wonderful gift forward and return the kindness that you and other have shown me in my short time here. This is a truly special community, and I am honored to be a part of it with you all.

    Thank you CWL!
    (I just wish you had left a return address so I could add you to my…uh, Christmas card list!)

    And as for the damage…
    1792, SH,
    FVF, and SJF on top

    and Penzance, HH Anni Kake,
    GH&Co Coniston Cut Plug, and Solani Aged Burley Flake on the bottom.

    BTW, my new avatar is me smoking my first bowl of Penzance!
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    Big Country Flavor Marlboro Cigars's Avatar


    Re: Thank you CWL!

    Fantastic selection!! Very generous gesture.

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    Sot-weed Bohemian freestoke's Avatar


    Re: Thank you CWL!

    Wow, CWL! Direct hit! Are you still using that estate Norden bombsight or one of the new inertial guidance missiles?

    Vegetarian -- that's an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter". -- Andy Rooney

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    Briar Fish CaptainEnormous's Avatar


    Re: Thank you CWL!

    Overly generous samples of HTF, top-rated tobaccos. . .Not at all surprised to hear it came from CWL.
    Great guy and a staple in this Puff community.
    Looking back, I'm pretty sure he's the guy who really nudged me down the slope. Couldn't possibly thank him enough!

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    F'n Huge Puffer Fish BigBehr's Avatar


    Re: Thank you CWL!

    NICE HIT!!! Let us know how they are!

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