Hey guys, so here's an idea. And if this needs to be posted somewhere else or is against the rules, mods just let me know.

I live fairly close to Milan Tobacconist in Roanoke, VA (just google Milan Tobacco to find the website). I am a newbie pipe smoker and enjoy trying new blends. So here is the idea, if you would like to try one of their house blends just send me a sample of a tried and true tobacco that you enjoy with a request of the blend that you would like to try.

This could be beneficial for a few reasons. First, we can experience some new types of tobacco, that's always good. Second, it gives a local tobacconist some exposure which is nice because we all want to be able to see our local tobacconist keep their doors open. If you like the blend then you could alway order more.

Now, I can also see where this could get expensive for me if everyone request samples all at once, so just PM to make sure I can fulfill the request right away. I like everyone is living on a tight budget and can only afford to spend so much on tobacco every month even if it's in trade form.

Some blends that I have on hand now:

- Chartwell, mild english blend. (Very good in my estimation)
- Sulton's, medium english blend.
- Sunset Rum, very good/rich aromatic

Let me know what you think.