A few days ago DanR mentioned he'd send me a small sample of C&D's Gentleman Caller. I was curious what deer tongue did to burley and he didn't care for the blend, so that was that.

Yesterday the small flat rate box showed up but it was packed with samples.

"hmmm..." I thought to myself. "Gentleman Caller is in here and quite a bit of it... But what's this, a huge sample of Fillmore? C&D Strawberry Cavendish? C&D Manhattan Afternoon & McClelland Honeydew? Cool, wanted to try those. C&D Berry Good, another well respected aro... What's the deal?"

After a moment I figured he sent me a newbie sampler package by accident and I went over to that thread to see who he was currently trading with.

Then it dawned on me. This was a sneak attack! Flew in completely under the radar and BOOOM, I'm left sifting through the rubble...

Thanks a ton Dan, I can't wait to try these and I really enjoy Fillmore so now I can hold off on ordering it for a while.

And yeah, Dan, you're a marked man. Be afraid.