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Just venting.....

This is a discussion on Just venting..... within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; I'm sorry about the friendship, Dustin, but he sure wasn't being any kind of friend to you. I am glad ...

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    .090909 icehog3's Avatar


    Re: Just venting.....

    I'm sorry about the friendship, Dustin, but he sure wasn't being any kind of friend to you. I am glad you got the bike back in (almost) one piece though, I have actually seen these kinda things go a LOT further south...

    Vodka is food....who's hungry?

    You're welcome, Dave.

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    Powered by Depression! omowasu's Avatar


    Re: Just venting.....

    Dustin, wish things would have turned out better. I think all of us can learn from your experience. It sounds like someone may have tried to steal the bike by forcing a slug into the ignition and turning it with a wrench.

    When I was younger, I had been through several "friends" that needed money, help, etc and never returned the favor or bothered to repay. Eventually, they ceased to be "friends" and fell off the face of the earth. Since that time, I have developed a close-knit circle of friends that has taken several years to develop, and another circle of "acquaintances" so to speak.

    The group of friends help each other out whenever needed, with no recourse or reciprocity expected or desired. One of them was unemployed for an extended period of time, and one night while we were at the bar we just unloaded all of our cash to him so he could catch up on bills. He eventually got back to work and offered to pay us back - we said no.

    The group of acquaintances would not see any money, loan, etc as I am sure it would never be returned. They are good to hang out with and party, but not so good on the financial management front.....

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    Bucketmouth buster 4WheelVFR's Avatar


    Re: Just venting.....

    Dustin, sorry to hear about this. Keep your chin up. Who know's, maybe you'll salvage the bike and friendship, you never know.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Just venting.....

    Again, thanks for all the support gents... it really means a lot to me.

    As an update I did get the ignition replaced and took the bike out Thur for a test run. Jenna (that's her name... surprise ) is running great and I forgot how much I missed her.

    All in all... lesson learned and after a little aggravation and a new ignition I now know what kind of guy my former-bud is.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader ca21455's Avatar


    Re: Just venting.....

    Sorry how things worked out Dustin.

    Experiencing the same thing with some long time friends that bought a house together at the lake. We were going to go in with them about 4 years ago, but they did not feel setting up terms, etc up front was worth the work. Well now they are selling the house and not talking, due to disputes over who owns what and how much. These are life long friends that hate each other now.

    Unfortunately we are stuck in the middle and no matter how many times we say we are staying out of it, they try to draw us in. This really sucks because these two couples and my wife and I used to do everything together.

    Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I feel for you brother!

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    Resting DETROITPHA357's Avatar


    Re: Just venting.....

    I'm sure the lost is his. He ill regret doing you like that this summer as he's riding alone wishing he had his old bud. Don't feel bad, your a good guy & was trying2lookout4a friend. Now u have 1less peson n your life to disappoint u.
    God is good

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    I am not a fish!


    Re: Just venting.....

    Good to hear she is running again. He is definitely the one at a loss. Good friends dont come along often and he just lost one.

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