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Stevie Ray Vaughn...

This is a discussion on Stevie Ray Vaughn... within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Well said indeed... A man who was initially booed in Canada, the crowd didn't understand what he was doing, as ...

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    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    Well said indeed...

    A man who was initially booed in Canada, the crowd didn't understand what he was doing, as he was so far ahead of his time.

    Like many classics - a lot of what we hear today is an echo of his greatness.

    I agree KWS and Storyville (includes Double Trouble) have put out some excellent music but there is only one SRV.

    RIP SRV - seems fitting that the sky is crying this weekend.

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    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    Lookin' back in front of me, in the mirror's a grin
    Through eyes of love I see, I'm really lookin' at a friend
    We've all had our problems, that's the way life is
    My heart goes out to others who are there to make amends


    Vodka is food....who's hungry?

    You're welcome, Dave.

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    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    Quote Originally Posted by cquon View Post
    you would have been 54 today.

    Some of us really miss you.

    There will never be another the likes of you.
    I used to see him in free concerts in Memphis ~25+ years ago.
    "A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have." --- [SIZE=2]Theodore Roosevelt, 4 July 1903[/SIZE]

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    Talking Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    I caught him a few times back in the day, with the T-birds too!
    Its some what of a little know factoid that the statue marking his birth place is really in the wrong place, in Dallas/S. Oak Cliff (as in the wrong section of town not just a block or to off mark.)

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    Silverback Darb85's Avatar


    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    SRV RIP.

    Good stuff, its too bad i wasnt quite old enough to enjoy his music when he was still alive, but its tops now.

    real men drive Flat Sixes
    Quote Originally Posted by SvilleKid View Post
    Some people are not worth the lead it would take to make them assume room temperature.
    I live life like i race, Wide Open throttle until you see god, then BRAKE!

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    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    I saw him back in the late 80's... as an opening act. That's one artist I can look back on and say I was blessed to see. I can't even tell you who the headliner was. I was blown away and have been a fan ever since. RIP, SRV.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes heavyd's Avatar


    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    I just saw this thread and immediately put "In The Beginning" into the CD tray. He introduced me to the blues and he was a great one. No one had more respect for the genre than SRV. I'll miss him always. Thanks for remembering the anniversary...I'm kind of ashamed that I didn't.

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    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    I need to check in the Banter forums more often..

    RIP Stevie..

    One of the greatest.

    Its hard for me to watch SRV videos without tearing up a little.
    I want to die in my sleep like Grandpa, Not screaming in terror like his passengers!!

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