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Birthday Threads.

This is a discussion on Birthday Threads. within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Without being disrespectful to anyone that has had a birthday on Puff recently, do we really need threads to remind ...

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    Nee "Tashaz" Mante's Avatar


    Birthday Threads.

    Without being disrespectful to anyone that has had a birthday on Puff recently, do we really need threads to remind us? I find it a little condescending to be honest as I notice when the people I talk to here have birthdays, I dont need reminding. I know these threads are done out of good intent and with the best of wishes at heart but think on this.

    Puff members = 20,113
    Days in a Year = 365
    Birthday threads possible everyday = 55

    Should we rename ourselves Puff The Candles Out?

    Not getting up anyone but trying to make the point that if I want to wish someone a Happy Birthday, I can see they are due down the bottom of screen and do so on their page.

    If anyone wants to keep posting up birthday notices then go right ahead but I'll be ignoring them from now on. Please dont feel offended if I dont offer you best wishes in a thread. :-)
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    Not Here


    Re: Birthday Threads.

    Interesting that you brought this up Warren as I was just thinking about it earlier. The only difference is that I was thinking just the opposite. I was thinking that I should be a little more vigilant in posting Happy B'day threads to members. It is just something that has been done since i have been here and I feel that it shows a good sense of the Brotherhood and community that we try to put forth here at PUFF. I do understand what you are saying though and I don't find anything wrong with your take on it.

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Cigary's Avatar


    Re: Birthday Threads.

    I'd rather forget mine altogether as they seem to come twice a year anymore. Once you hit the 50's birthdays are like busses, never the number you want.
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    Teh Kid thegoldenmackid's Avatar


    Re: Birthday Threads.

    The other forum that I have participated in had a birthday index and thread.
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    Do you smell smoke? dasronin's Avatar


    Re: Birthday Threads.

    I wonder who the other 54 were who had a birthday on July 3rd?????

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