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Shame on all of you who brought politics into this discussion. Classless, IMO.

Today is a time of reflection. Save your partisan political rhetoric for the other 364 days please.

To the OP.....thanks for the post.
To be honest politics do not have anything to do with Heros...politics is the art of compromise while Heros do not compromise,,,they do what they do with character and integrity and rarely any second thought as to the consequences of their actions...they just react because of their principles and what they believe in. News reports from any media source are not only speculative but jaded and manipulative at best...they serve themselves and are in business to not only report the "news" but to make it entertaining enough to be the highest source because of "ratings" and if they need to "fudge" the story they will do that. I have firsthand knowledge of this and how they do it and I hate ALL of the new media no matter who the "darlings" are in any of the highly rated news programming. They "sell" news stories and whatever they have to do to juice it up,,,they will do that even to the point of bias and outright lying. If "shame" is to be levelled at anyone,,,let it start there. Just my thoughts here.