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Major companies are using the current state of economic affairs as an excuse to not pay employee's what they are worth. Its not an isolated practice by any means as this is becoming the standard rather than the exception.

Many times there response to not receiving bonuses or relatively generous merit increases is that "You are lucky to even have a job and not be forced to take a pay cut".

As if employing you is some monumental "favor". Its utter Bullshit and one of things that motivated me to start my own business and make it profitable.

Its all about perspective and really believing that things do happen for a reason.

Advice: The rate at which one complains openly and avidly about corporate affairs and lack of fair play is directly proportional to the rate at which one moves closer to the door.

If comments are made about the lack of bonuses and decent pay increases try and give it a positive spin. If in a management capacity of any caliber its is important to not become one of the masses with pitch forks and torches and set an example for employee's that look for direction.

Its a mirror everyday. What you do is mimicked by employee's.

Care for others in a genuine fashion that you work with and reward a job well done and try and take the cash value out of the equation (easier said that done , I know).
Because in the end with the job or not you will be able to know that you were the best person you could be throughout your career.

In my past roles I was forced to layoff an entire department and then ultimately was lete go after I did the "dirty" work. Its a game of numbers and should not be taken personally. Our jobs were outsourced to offshore Indian counterparts.

Keep your head up and be the one that is unaffected by these turn of events and your inner being will be much better for it.

I wish brighter days ahead for you!
Excellent Advice!