OK - so here's my new car buying rant update. Sorry for the length but it's a good story.

I used carsdirect.com to get a quote along with one dealership where I purchased a new car (Mazda) for my wife about 6 months ago and another local dealer I found (also Mazda). Carsdirect.com was very prompt in getting back to me and gave me a quote on the car I was looking for (Mazda3) which I thought the price was very aggressive. I gave a call to the dealer I bought my wife's car and explained exactly what I was looking for in a new Mazda3. They said they would call me back.

I then called this new dealership on the phone and asked to speak to someone in sales. I got a sales person on the phone and explained exactly what I was looking for. He said OK and would call me back too. Within the next 30 minutes or so, this dealer must have called me at least 4 times with updates as to options on the car and cost. My first dealer.....not so much. Anyway, dealer #2 first quote was a little higher ($300) than carsdirect.com so I told him that needed to go lower. He said - I'll call you back. He called me back in 5 minutes and said he read the quote wrong and now he was $600 lower than carsdirect.com with the correct quote.

OK-so now, I call the dealer #1 back (who has yet to call me back) and let them know that I now have 2 other dealers with price in hand and they want to sell me a car - what's taking them so long? Anyway, fast forward thru some negotiations and they agree to meet the price of dealer #2.

OK - so I feel good about this, I know this dealer - bought a car there already - service area is good. I'll just go here. So, I call back dealer #2 and thank him profusely for all the hard work and info he got me & explain that dealer #1 met his price as well - he took the letdown well.

Now, I am at dealer #1 who is now explaining to me that the car I want, in the color I want, with the options I want is hard to actually find. They said they located 2 of them - 1 in NY and 1 in Virgina. Wait - status update - 1 in NY is now gone and they have no answer from Virginia. So, I agree to wait for it and start signing the papers with my down payment.

As I am signing, my cell rings and it's dealer #2. He asks how things are going and if dealer #1 was able to find me a car. I told him not yet and they were still looking. He said, well got some good news, I've got your car and it will be here tomorrow! Guess which car he found for me - if you guessed the one in NY - you're right! He stole it away from dealer #1!!

Wow! Talk about really going after the sale especially after I told them thanks but no thanks. I immediately told dealer #1 to give me my deposit back and went to dealer #2.

Needless to say, this sales rep at dealer #2 really went out of his way to earn my business. Not something you see everyday where a guy who was told "No" actually still followed through as if the answer was yes. Anyway, bought the car home. I feel good about getting the best price and the whole experience was educational to say the least.

Hope you guys enjoyed my rant here. Apologies for the length.