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Alright enough is enough...

This is a discussion on Alright enough is enough... within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Originally Posted by Batista30 Never drove one, but love the Original Hummer. Beautiful! Amazing! I have driven one, and loved ...

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    Quote Originally Posted by Batista30 View Post
    Never drove one, but love the Original Hummer. Beautiful!
    Amazing! I have driven one, and loved it. I wheel a cherokee

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    I wheel a TJ Wrangler during the summer and drive a 4 wheel drive truck to Tahoe almost every weekend so I have lots of experience with wheel spin and loss of traction situations.
    Do I get cocky and overconfident? Hell no! I learned early on that when I get in that mode is when bad things happen.
    I have seen alot of snow drivers and the worst are the ones that are driving in a 2 wheel drive vehicle with chains on at about 10 miles per hour.
    The speed limit is 35 with even spacing during the times where there is snow on the ground and these slow pokes hold up large lines of vehicles all the time. My favorite is when some testosterone fueled lifted 4 X 4 driver in a diesel truck just pulls to the left and drops the hammer. Blows right by the line of traffic moving at 10 mph and snow roosters a stream of snow all over the slow poke in front. I have seen this multiple times and now I watch for it. I like following the plows as is is great to see the wall of snow shooting over to the right side of the road and admire the ominous vehicles that true snow plows are.

    Here is one of a plow I was following recently.

    <---- Thats my dog "Cinder" just "chillaxin" with his favorite smoking hat on The 6 thousand dollar dog!

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    You guys have NOTHING on the Korean delivery men. They ride 250cc motorcycles in the snow just to make sure everyone has access to hot pizza.

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    It looks like all you are from places wheres its supposed to snow. Down here, its not supposed to happen. Last week we had snow and ice all over the road, and I was one of those 30 mph guys. 4wd apparently aint all its cracked up to be when you three different size tires on the truck. I'm thinking the different sizes were causing it to spin out more. Put it back into 2wd and just took it slow. Took 2 hours and some change, but stayed on the pavement the entire time, so I'm happy. Its supposed to freeze again, but this time I'll be at home, thankfully.

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    Oh yeah, at least I wasn't on the phone at the time. Hopefully that will count for something.

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    Re: Alright enough is enough...

    Unless you are driving a vehicle with studded/chain snow tires you aren't going to be any better off than any other car on the road. Ice is ice no matter what you drive and there isn't any traction available unless you have the right equipment and weight over your drive train. I've had every vehicle made that has 4WD, AWD, Front Wheel Drive,,,,,ice doesn't give a crap what you're driving. The best option for ice is getting studded tires and keep your MPH in the 15-25 range on surface streets...which is up for grabs because you have every other moron running around in their Hummers and GMC/Ford/ Pick em Trucks thinking that they can drive on any surface...I just stay off the roads period because even though I can drive on them safely doesn't mean that everybody else can....they can't so I stay off the roads.

    For those douchebads driving on the street with their cell phones attached to their ears ( BlueTooth or not) is f'n ridiculous because you can't drive safely with hands free or with the entire phone spackled against your ear with your hand attached to it. I get tired of seeing these idiots going down the road at 80mph with their phones weaving back and forth in the lanes talking with the other hand like a f'n band leader....the sooner they outlaw these f'n things the better and safer things will be on the road. 3 tons of car doing down the road with a cell phone practically inside their f'n ear weaving all over the place with my loved ones on the road....pisses me off.
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