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My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

This is a discussion on My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!! within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; My beautiful 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis today. It has gotten considerably worse in the past year ...

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    Alpha Puffer Fish


    My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    My beautiful 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis today. It has gotten considerably worse in the past year and the pediatrician wants her to see a specialist. As a father, I am FREAKING THE HELL OUT! At the same time I don't want to freak her out. She doesn't seem to be in any pain at this point, but the x-ray results did bring her pause. Not as much as her mother and I though as we were pulled aside by the doctor and old she may need a brace. Does anyone know anything about this, or is anyone here live with this? Any definitive info or site recommendations would help put my mind at ease.

    I don't have all the details yet and we have yet to set up the appointment with the specialist yet because school is getting ready to start and everything is too hectic.
    Everything I am reading on the web about this sounds like its one of those stupid afflictions that medical science is clueless and useless about. I feel angry and frustrated at this point, but am doing everything in my power not to show it when she is around.

    Am I freaking out about nothing at this point? Every time I look at the x-ray my heart skips a beat. I just want to fix her...I want to take her affliction away.
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    The Karate Squid Aninjaforallseasons's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Get her into a good chiropractor immediately. They may not be able to totally remedy it, but they can often do a world of good and at least prevent surgery. Doctors often want to go right to surgery, but having a good chiropractor can really help a lot, and might be able to prevent that.

    My wife has had 3 major back surgeries, including spinal fusions and titanium rods, starting when she was about your daughter's age. We both believe that chiropractic care would have been much more effective early on in her life than the immediate surgeries the hospital doctors recommended. There still may have been some surgery necessary, but not to nearly the extent that happened. Since she was about 21, she has had regular chiropractic care that has alleviated the majority of the pain she once had, and allowed her to function at a much higher level, like a completely normal person instead of someone handicapped.

    Keep the faith, man. The doctors told her she might never be able to have kids, and might be severely limited. She's had three completely natural pregnancies and deliveries, and is for all intents and purposes, just fine! I'll definitely be praying for you, your family, and especially your daughter!!!
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    Pipe Smokin' Piranha DSturg369's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Prayer up to the Man for you and family Brandon!

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    I'm watching you.


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Derek has good advice there. Alternative medicine can work wonders in conjunction with a specialist in curvature of the spine.

    But Dad, don't freak out too bad. The last numbers I saw said that over 3% of young women have Scoliosis and that it's very treatable and can be rendered harmless over the teen years. Take all this energy you have that you're using to freak out/not freak out and turn it into some empowered research on behalf of your daughter. Became her advocate for the best care possible and I say this with all love for physicians -- make them a partner in your daughter's care -- not the boss. Depending on the degree of curve, you will have many options, just don't take the first one as gospel, because more and more doors open for non-brace and non-surgical treatment all the time.

    Hang in there, and we're here if you need to freak out or vent
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    Maturing Puffer Fish SHagopian's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Totally understand the freak out. I'm not a father myself but I do have nieces and I would freak out if I ever saw anything bad happen to them.

    I think you should take a deep breath for the following reasons.

    1)The internet portrays only the worst of what can happen in the most severe cases. Stop looking around online, there's nothing good out there. Everytime i internet diagnosed myself or looked something up, I always found the worse, frightening things.

    2) I had scoliosis. It wasn't severe and all scoliosis are different but they do have certain things in common. And the most important thing is that it isn't even close to life threatening. In fact it sounds worse than it really is. My condition wasn't an issue after about a year of getting my back straitened up (like a chiropractor does) every once in a while and working on my posture and losing some weight. You said you have zero details about it so you shouldn't freak out cause you dont even know whats going on yet. But I will tell you this, if the condition was severe, you wouldn't need a doctor to tell you to see a specialist. You would notice that your kid hunches over severely.

    3) Primary care doctors are like the handyman for houses. They can't really treat much other than giving vaccines and diagnosing strep throat. They just didn't do the studying for it. They're the fist guy you talk to when your kid has a problem and its his job to spot stuff along the way cause you see him once a year. Pediatricians recommend seeing a specialist all day long.

    4) Worse come to worse, if your kid needs a brace, she won't like it, it may give her some pain but it rarely will be permanent. A good example would be to liken it to braces for teeth. You put them on, its temporary, their a pain in the ass at times but in the end your glad you did it and it goes by fast.

    My one very strong recommendation is to try and find someone who isn't only a specialist in this field but one who specializes in it with children. Children are a completely different animal in all areas of medicine and your best bet to getting the best treatment is to see someone who's sees this all day on kids. In LA where I live, there is Children's Hospital. They do everything, for children. The doctors only treat children and they are the absolute best. You want to find a doctor associated with a hospital like that and you want all the tests to be done somewhere like that too.

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    Resident Oliva Whore IBEW's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Hey Bro, hang in there and stay strong for your family.
    Years ago I had a girlfriend that had this, she went through an operation, healed up and went on to be a runner up in the Miss Houston beauty contest. Just keep the faith Bro.

    Good thoughts and prayers heading your way!
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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish jaysalti's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Prayers and best wishes, my friend! A freak out is totally understandable... One of my best friends growing up had a brace for his back. We tooled around, played sports and caused trouble just like any young kids would. Reading this reminded me of the day he was able to discontinue use of the brace. We blew it up with firecrackers and such.

    Great advice from the fellow puffers here! Keep the faith, brother!
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    Alpha Puffer Fish


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Thanks for the support everyone. We are going to ride it out and pray a lot and hopefully it will be a non-issue down the road.
    Just about the worse feeling in the world finding out your child needs medical help. You just wanna take whatever is wrong with them on for yourself and you feel powerless when you can't. I will continue to educate myself as much as I can until we see the specialist so I go in with intelligent questions instead of worried/angry dad questions.
    My wife and I stayed up till 2am talking about it last night and decided to keep as positive as we can in order to keep her spirits high. No matter what the results are we have to deal with the outcome. So we might as well keep as positive as we can and pray like crazy.
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    WAMBAM!!!! dmeguy's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Brandon everything will be fine brother!Hang in there! Sending some prayers your way!

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    Maturing Puffer Fish naajsmith's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    As a father I can understand the desperation of your child dealing with any difficulty and I will be praying for your family.

    I also just want to let you know that during my time in ministry I have encountered adults and youth who deal with scoliosis at different levels and the worst case I know of is a guy who is an avid golfer and tennis player. The young ladies I know (3) are doing great and have beautiful healthy families (children) and lives. Most of the time you simply would not know they have scoliosis unless they tell you.
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    THE MAN WHO LOVES TWANG! TonyBrooklyn's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Prayers sent! Not as uncommon as one might think! Today they test for it in schools once a year up here! Many are corrected with a brace or minor surgery! As long as you catch it early like you did! GOD BLESS!
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    Evolving Lead Puffer Fish raycarlo's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Good advice here, my girlfriend has scoliosis and has no real problems with it to this day, if I really look i can see a slight curvature of her spine but it does not impede her in any way. The only thing she did/does is she goes to see her chiropractor on a regular basis. She was even able to do dance, ballet and hip hop for 13 years while having it. I also knew a girl growing up who had a severe case of it, she wore a brace for a bit and her spine is perfect now. Stay strong and good luck.


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    some say I'm a dreamer... BMack's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Sorry to hear that, I was diagnosed with it too when I was an early teen. It was progressively getting worse then at some point it just corrected itself, so relax and hope for the best but prepare for the worst, the best thing you can do is keep in good spirits. If it wasn't for contact sports my back would probably be fine now, but between football and hockey I live with chronic back spasms and have two ruptured discs. I personally feel that working out is what helped fix the scoliosis but obviously physical therapy is something to discuss with your doctor. My biggest advice; get multiple opinions and research, research, research those doctors. It's amazing how many doctors you might have to see to find one that catches something and gives you the answer you need. Best wishes
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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader Oldmso54's Avatar


    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Brandon as a father of 2 myself I know how you feel just wanting it fixed and not having your daughter go through ANY pain or negative situations.

    One of the best advices given though was about the internet. My wife had a very serious situation develop and while my coworkers (who had extensive experience with a similar issue), warned me not to read up about it on the internet---I did and I FREAKED!

    Everything turned out fine in the end but for 3 + days of internet reading and diagnosis all I did was get progressively more depressed and disfunctional. So hang in there; get her to a specialist; and be strong for her and the family!

    Best wishes Brother!

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    Re: My daughter has scoliosis!! Im freaking out!!!

    Praying for you and your family, Brandon. Keep the faith, brother.

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