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Pet Peeves List

This is a discussion on Pet Peeves List within the Puff Banter forums, part of the Everything But Cigars category; Hey Puffers, I'm sat here at work, bored off my ass and something crossed my mind. I think it might ...

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    Pet Peeves List

    Hey Puffers,

    I'm sat here at work, bored off my ass and something crossed my mind. I think it might be fun to list our pet peeves; silly, idiosyncratic irritations that shouldn't, but do, irk the hell out of us.

    Here are some of mine:

    "General Consensus" - I hear people say it all the time and the hair literally stands up on the back of my neck. Hello, it's redundant. Consensus is general, by definition.

    "Irregardless" - No such word. It's just regardless.

    "I could care less." - Really

    People incapable of negotiating a proper turn in traffic. For example, turning from a left hand turn lane and fading out of the inside lane into another. Why does everyone think they're towing a 53' trailer?

    People who don't reset the microwave when stopping it before time's run out.

    Fake smiles. Not the kind you do for a picture, but people who do it to hide what they're really thinking. It's just creepy.

    I'm sure I'll think of more, but there's a start. What are yours?

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes brimy623's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    People that "blow" their horns the instant the light changes to green!! (and I live in NYC)

    When people fold the cover of a paperback. (do people still read physical books? LOL)

    People that fold their $ bills more than once or roll them up.

    People that bite their finger nails.

    Back seat drivers!

    This new "sagging" craze.

    Pants not being hemmed and thus dragging on the ground.

    To name a few.
    Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!!!

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    • People who don’t use turn signals.
    • Bandwagon sports team fans.
    • Limp handshakes.
    • People who insert “ummm” between every three words they speak.
    • People who cite statistics and the news-service/website they got them from, but can’t speak to their actual point of origination.
    • Slower traffic in the left lane.
    • People who don’t vote but feel compelled to share their political opinions.
    • Being able to hear someone else’s music spilling from their automobile at a stoplight.
    • People who are unable to differentiate between opinions and facts.
    • When 2 or more people are gathered for the purpose of socializing and everyone is silently, f***ing around on their smart phones.

    I feel refreshed now

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    Elder Puffer Fish Leader dj1340's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Grocery store checkout lines. hey dip$hit the sign says 15 items or less
    Fast food drive through. Pass all the food out after you've pulled ahead.
    Another grocery line item, oh I forgot milk be right back.
    The older I get, the better I used to be.

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    Puffer Fish with some spikes JeepGuy's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    I'll second the lack of using a turn signal as well as slow traffic in the "fast lane".

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    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Cashiers, who rather than count out your change, pile your bills, coins and receipt into your hand all at the same time.

    Ill tempered/mannered children in restaurants. If they can't keep quiet, keep them at home. You and a couple old ladies are the only ones who think they're 'cute'. The rest of us are struggling to swallow our food.

    Talking on your cell phone without a hands-free in traffic, while *attempting* to drive.

    Mandatory 45 minute wait at the doctor's office.

    BEING FORCED INTO PRESSING 1 IN ORDER TO SPEAK THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE! English, it's a language. Learn it, or go the fack home!!

    Race baiters and poverty pimps. You know who you are, Jesse and Al.

    Tractor trailers in any but the right hand lane.

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    Huge Puffer Fish packed with spikes JustinThyme's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    LOL at some of these posted.
    I feel ya Brian, peole honk their horns even though there are signs posted stating its a $300 fine I never see anyone getting fined.
    Tobias, if you use a signal around here the opening you were trying to change lanes to will get closed off as soon as the driver sees you they hit the gas to make sure you cant get over. First lesson I learned after moving here. I now signal as Im moving, not before. Where I come from someone signals you slow down a little to let them over.....not here!

    I also rant on a daily basis over people going 40 in a 65 zone in the left lane. NJ just passed a law upping the fine for failure to keep right to $300 but its not being enforced but they will pull you in a skinny minute for passing on the right. There are more accidents and incidents of road rage caused by this single act than anything else. If there is no one in front of you and traffic piled up behind you and the folks in the right lane are going faster.....MOVE THE HELL OVER! The people who do this really dont get it! I asked someone in a discussion who says they drive in the left lane no matter what why they did it. The response.......This way I can set my cruise to 60 and never have to worry about anyone being in front of me where I have to brake! Ive also heard because I felt like driving in that lane because I was tired of the other.

    The Sagging drawers also gets on my nerves. Its not nearly new though, this has been going on for better than 20 years now. I dont want to see your boxers or butt cracks. Ive been known to on more than one occasion to shark people with their pants hanging below their arse. Pull up your damn pants! They finally starting enforcing a dress code in the schools here. Show up with hanging pants and you either get sent home or you get zip ties put through your belt loops to hold your pants up where they belong. IMO they should start citing these people for indecent exposure.

    IM also going to jump on your limp handshake Tobias. Thats about gross! Like grabbing a dead fish!

    People who walk their dogs to pee and crap on other people lawns! Train them to go on yours! I don't care if you pick it up or not, you never get it all and the pee is going to kill the grass that I just spent countless hours to nurture to a nice thick healthy green. I have a dog and he goes where I tell him to. I made an enclosure off the back deck, covered it in mulch and he goes there. I scoop up the poo for disposal and spray the mulch weekly with enzymatic spray that neutralizes odors. I had one neighbor with a mini schnauzer that repetitively came out their door went up one side of the walk and my neighbor across the street got his lawn destroyed by the pee and I got the poo, and they didn't pick it up. I was nice and said something about several times and they completely ignored me. So I collected their dogs feces in a ziploc bag for awhile then pinned it to their front door with a note saying I didn't spend $750K on a house and all my time on the lawn for your dog to have a toilet! Well that only made it to where if I was outside they would cross the street but if I wasn't it didn't deter a thing. Murphy the lab alerts me anytime someone is walking in front of our house. So I go to the window and watch their dog take a nice greasy dump on an extended lead right in the middle of my front lawn. I waited a few minutes for them to get back in the house, walked out with a shovel and scooped it up then across the street and rang their doorbell. As soon as they opened the door I flung the contents of the shovel in it and walked off. I think they finally got the message as they now go the other direction and take that extra 50 yard walk to where there are no houses. I think the worst part of it is their yard is the clear winner of the worst maintained lawn and landscaping award in the neighborhood and they live where the backside of their property borders the woods....why not just train your dog to go out back or in your own yard as you clearly dont care what your lawn looks like.
    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ~Albert Einstein

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    Why do I gotta be Mr Pink dgold21's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    I'm in agreement with many already stated...with these additions:

    Like "irregardless", I can't stand when people say "supposably" when they mean supposedly.

    People putting these big fat tailpipes on the cheap little 4-cylinder imports to make them way louder but no faster.

    Tailgating...the non-sports-related variety

    A grown man wearing his baseball cap with a flattened bill, tags still on it, lightly propped on the top of his head turned at an angle

    Writing emails, forum posts, or even Facebook posts using text message language ("ur" for "you're", "ima" for "I'm going to", etc...)

    Chicks doing the duck face in photos

    Justin Bieber - the punk is a grand peeve in and of himself

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes Nature's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Cigarette butts dumped out in the parking lot or drive through lane.

    Texting/ reading phone while driving.

    Tail-gaters. (Especially when roads may be slick.) There are cars in front of me. I can't go anywhere. (See slow drivers in left lane above.) Get off my a$$!

    Layer after layer of menu options when you call customer service.

    20 check-out lanes at the store, only 2 are open, 3 deep each.

    Yipping/Yapping dogs that won't shut-up! When I'm out back on the deck grilling or trying to chill (maybe with a cigar), the dog across the way barks; constantly; the entire time!

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    Heavy Puffer commonsenseman's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Good stuff, I agree with almost all of these.

    “While you smoke, rub the bowl occasionally along the side of your nose. Briar has an affinity for your natural oils.” -My cellar.-

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    Puffer Fish with many spikes Nature's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1340 View Post
    Fast food drive through. Pass all the food out after you've pulled ahead.
    Same thing at drive-through ATM. Pull ahead, then put your money away, balance your check-book, etc.

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    Off to Cigar bum. com jhedrick83's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Litertally- God do I want to punch people in the face who say things like "I've literally eaten like a million of those things".
    Words like Yolo and Swag (I deal with high school kids every day, crap gets old).
    Slow drivers in the left lane.
    No turn signals.
    Feigning ignorance to justify laziness.
    Not dimming your hi-beams for oncoming traffic.
    Head over to cigar bum . com for a good non profit cigar forum!

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    www. cigar bum .com Bruck's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Quote Originally Posted by brimy623 View Post
    People that "blow" their horns the instant the light changes to green!! (and I live in NYC)
    If you lived in Virginia, you'd be thinking the opposite - here, it usually takes people 5 seconds or so for the light change to register.

    My addition to the list:

    Virginia drivers

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    Joe beercritic's Avatar


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    The bastardization of the English language. The demise of "ed" irks me. Wax(ed) paper, ice(d) tea & old fashion(ed). I agree with most of the irks in this thread. I'm sure I have more.
    Gurkha is the main reason I have trust issues.

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    No longer a community member.


    Re: Pet Peeves List

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruck View Post

    My addition to the list:

    Virginia drivers
    Trust me, as someone who commutes into NC everyday; we have it great!

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